Bon Voyage

Last week, after Anzu's pre-school class, I took her with me together with some friends to meet an old friend of mine who was leaving for good with her husband whom I haven't seen for years.. I'm so glad they ended up to each other after so many things have happened. That only means that love is so strong. Love indeed conquers all... and so as love moves in mysterious ways lol --- i believe so

Before I get so cheezy and mushy, let me share you some memorable photos taken during our bonding time at Yokota Base

This is my friend Irish. God knows how much I missed this pretty lady. It's been quite awhile since the last time we've been together, almost 3 years?...

I'm just so happy she thought of visiting Tokyo and call us to spend some quality time before they leave for Estados Unidos.

I guess an half day was enough to catch up (of course it wasn't enough..)

SO here she met our little dolly Azumi. IT was LIKE at first sight! It was unusual to see her liking a person instantly, no awkwardness nor worries on her face during the first minute of meeting her. SO KAWAII...

I think she forgot that she has me as a mom for awhile lol. She was so at ease that she even cried when we said goodbye =)

Azumi and her cousin, Ryukun, and a new girlfriend, Miyuki Chan.

They were so all over the place during our late lunch at Chili's..

CUte though....

It was a fun hot and yet afternoon .. i miss the old days when we were still working together. I miss those drunk nights and endless chikkas lol.

Day 214 of 2010's

No goodbyes.. We will definitely see each other again and catch up .for the lost time for sure...

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  1. Comfortable si anzu kasi alam niya bff nga mommy niya. ganyan din ang Justine ko. umiiyak sa iabng tao pero pag nakakita ng pinay na friend ko or my sister parang hindi nanagexist mommy niya hehehehe. Heading for estados unidos na pala friend mo sis. Love conquers all and move the mountain pala ha hehe. Happy for them kahit daming hindi pagkakaunawaan they end up being together and hope it will be forever.

  2. Awww kakakmiss mga friendship na umaalis hehehe but as you said, d pa naman katapusan ng mundo so no goodbyes..

    Thanks for joining this week and for the greetings.

    Ako nga rin busing busy with my burritos, naaksidente pa ang aming pet wahh so an dami kong inaalagaan.. Limited din blogging time ko Hay life. Love all the photos, esp yung beutiful angels.

  3. Iba nga yung tingin ni Anzu sa kaibigan mo. Parang matagal na niyang kilala at mukhang sabik siya sa kaibigan mo, lol. It's nice to see old friends and reminisce your former days together. As they say, those are the good ol' days. Thanks for the feel good post. God bless you all always.

  4. ganoon daw yun sis, nararamdaman ng kids natin kung kanino tayo malapit. yes, magkikita pa kayo for sure. malay mo next year isurprise ka ni hubby mo ng US vacation?

  5. There is no goodbye with real friends. Because definitely, they will still see each other again, somehow, somewhere :)

    Cutie Azumi!

  6. @Rossel
    after 2-3 years pa siguro kami magkikita.. magpapagaling din kasi sya sa States at the same time.. Anyway, makakapunta lag kami Tate pag medyo malaki na si Azumi.. layo kasi

  7. @chubskulit
    Thanks Ate Rose.. uso talaga maging busy ngayon online and offline hehe..

    @Mel Avila Alarilla
    Sir sinabi nyo pa.. treasured memories na masarap balikbalikan =)

  8. obviously your baby had fun, bon voyage to your friend

  9. Hope your friend has a good trip. Safe and sound. You know she is a good person when a child takes to her right away. Give Azumi a hug for me.

  10. Hi Azumi, Sorry po, ako na ata ang pinaka-late visitor dito. Your friend is pretty indeed. Wow,ahh taga-U.S. pala sya ha. That was so cute of your daughter to bond with her at first sight. Nag-communicate ba kayo hanggang ngayon sis like in Facebook? I'm sure in God's time, you will see each other again.

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