I Think I'm Inlove

1:30 AM
Is this love... feeling restless inside...

awww sorry.. I just got LSS (last song syndrome) with this song. It' actually been two days and everytime I come to look through this blog of mine, I seem to hear myself singing this song

I really think I'm inlove...

I'm inlove with this blog's new look, The Royal Kawaiiness Theme.

I love all details. I feel so motivated. I so love this and I don't have plan of changing it. I’ve never truly been sat­is­fied with the look of my blogs as I am now. I often tweak and modify them because I get bored and uninspire.

I've been thinking of having a customized blog design for awhile now and I have only one designer in mind.

WAHMaholic Designs
Rate: Expectation EXCEEDED

Well well well... Maybe you already know who's behind this extremely cute and lovely New Theme of my babyblog. I really can't thank her enough for creating such beautiful theme for our Azumi. This Chic is totally awesome and really knows her stuff. She's pretty, witty, nice, approachable, she's all that! I swear!

If you're thinking of blog makeover, I highly recommend her. Worth the price..

A big Thank you so much Kaye!!!! Another satisfied client here

I love this blog and Im loving it more.. I will keep it as long as the WWW exist.

My previous themes that I loved...

Baby Kokeshi...

Credits: Maria Parrish for her Kokeshi illustration | Ipietoon for the base theme | Happi for badge

Baby Cute Azumi

Credits: Happi for the header and badge | Ipietoon for the base theme

Previous Badges

Photobucket Azumi Kawaii Princess Azumi kawaii princess


  1. Very neat and pink sis. I love love love it too!

    I wonder how much did you pay for it. And, will she be able to make me a layout too? I'm looking for someone to glam up my page. Hihi.

  2. I also love your new layout, sis! Tamang-tama sa cuteness ni Anzu. :)

    I agree with you, magaling talaga si Marce K! :)

  3. Love the new LO too,Bambs.Have a great sunday!

  4. maganda itong layout ng blog mo ngayon..

  5. @Yami

    naks. ang aking marce napadaan dito. tenchu marce! mwah!

  6. glad you loved it! ;)


  7. Yes, the new design and layout of your blog is really beautiful and chic. Kaye really made an outstanding job here. So that is the reason why you are in love with this blog. It is a work of art. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  8. Ang galing-galing talaga ni Kaye!!She's the best designer talaga!!I'm glad I approached her for Kizuna's layout!^_^

  9. i agree with you. your new lay out is REALLY pretty.. hope i would afford Kaye's fee someday, lol!

  10. I so love the new look! Ang ganda ganda ganda promise! Kudos to Kaye. Great job! :)

  11. super galing talaga ni sis Kaye promise.. di ko man yata masyado in-elaborate ang gusto ko, pero expectation exceeded talaga. Original pa yata mga graphics nya, i love.

    pinag-iponan ko talaga ang service nya hahah.. Overall, worth talaga =)

  12. The best mommy bamz, loving it. Galing talaga ni Kay. Nang magsabog si lord ng talent sa designing nasalo lahat ni kaye kaya walang natira sa amin maski pag tweaked mn lang ng side bar hindi ala waaaaa

  13. Maganda talaga ang mga lay-out mo. K's very talented.


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