Reading Books To Your Toddler

I have been reading aloud to our lil girl once in awhile since she was newborn. ALthough I don't usually read bedtime stories to her. I tried once but I guess it's really not my thing, I easily get bored.. she also gets bored lol. I talk to her instead which has become a routine to put her to sleep.

She enjoys looking and pointing at the illustrations more than listening to a story. She likes us to name a certain photo she points and repeats whatever we say. No wonder, she has learned ABCs, numbers, animals, colors, etc as early as 18 months old.

Some of her books were bought at 100yen Shop. I choose books with bright colors and sharp contrast.

reading books to your toddlersome of her books

reading books to your toddler

Most of them are learning books. However, I'm thinking of starting to read bedtime stories to her . Language skills and even intelligence — can depend on a child's daily exposure to a large vocabulary. So reading is good to your child.

Also studies have shown that reading will help build your toddler's vocabulary, stimulate his imagination, and improve his communication skills.

It's never too late for me to begin reading stories to her.. I might start with my Sophie Kinsella collection lol

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  1. try Roald Dahl's or Robert Munsch's especially "Love you Forever" :) Musta kayo? Namiss ko pagdaan daan dito sa blog mo...

  2. wow! very impressive collection. keep it up!

  3. Ohhh.. my daughter also enjoys her colorful books. I think we need to upgrade too from the basic ABC to bedtime stories. Sounds like fun for the both of us. Thanks sis for this wonderful idea. I am really learning from you. Hihi. Muah.

  4. you are right, its never too late to start! :D go go go mommy!

  5. Yes, teaching your baby how to read books and reading to her will enable her to appreciate the value of books in her life. Books will become the corner stone of her study and quest for knowledge. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. I love your daughter's books. Wala nyan sa mag Daiso (88 Japanese Store) here in PH.

    My daughter loves reading books before sleeping. Sometimes, I'm already tired but she keeps on requesting for more. But since we were repeating most of her books, she can now tell the story by just seeing the pictures :)

    Reading is really good for our kids :)

  7. very good..tiyak magiging matalino siya katulad mo..

  8. Parang ang galing galing na magbasa ng little prinsesa hehehehe.. I love the football vid hehehe, she seem to be natural sports athlete.

  9. First of all sistah ganda nga new LO mo, kawaii na kawaii. kudos to Kaye.

    Aww so cute, bookworm pala itong si lil anzy. keep reading sweety.

  10. Most of my kids books are from 100yen shop,too.Mura na,magaganda pa ang features.Hinde halatang 100 yen lang.Marami cyang matutunan if you read her books lalo na at an early age.Keep it up dear!^_^

  11. aw, impress talaga ako sa video na huling nakita ko yung nagbibilang sya dahil si freya at the age of 18months ay hindi pa nya alam. Pano kasi hindi ko pa tinuturo lol. Hay saludo ako sa kasipagan mo magturo Bambie. mas madali para sakin ang basahan sila ng books kasi nag-eenjoy din ako. believe it or not may mga words pa din akong hindi alam sa mga childrens book. Kahiya noh? lol. Lamo yun yung mga simple words pero hindi ko alam ano ibig sabihin XD. Since my kids have been involved in reading program sa local library hindi na ako namimili ng books. every week kami nasa library at ang bag na dali namin ay sobrang laki lol. Wala naman kasi limit yung pag checkout ng books kaya ayun halos ubusin na namin laman library hehehe. Absolutely not too late for you to read books to Anzu. Basahan mo sya at least 20 hours a week. Saka i think ok lang din hindi mo nababasahan si Anzu kasi tulad ng sabi mo lagi mo syang kinakausap. O sya ang haba na ng comment ko. Halatang bumabawi naman ako nito lol.

  12. Little Anzu really enjoys looking at her colorful books. magandang simula yan sis. :)

  13. Mommy na mommy talaga ang fabulous mommy natu, daming alam. Gusto ko yung nasa ring na mga alphabet letter na parang pulseras mommy bamz ganda sa bata.

    Ganda ng ribbon anzu ang laki, mas malaki pa sa mukha nya hehehecute talaga.


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