Toddlers are indeed spirited folk. They could be like tornados for pulling out things such as toys, play and leave them scattering all over the place. I couldn't care less, as long as the toys stay in there and don't migrate all over the rest of the house. When I clean up, I also make her pick up her toys and put them in the box.

These are some of her toys she usually play in the living room.

Here is her own little space upstairs. Everything else is also there --freedom wall, learning supplies, music toys, tv etc. That cutie house has become her comfort zone --she gets inside whenever nature calls her lol

Among all her lovely toys, these 3 stuff toys are currently her Top 3 favorite. She always want to carry them with her wherever we go --I atleast let her take only 2.

Brutus, Ally Baby Bear, and Billy

She has her own gadgets too.. yeah my old phones. I forgot to take photos though...

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I've been living here for almost like forever but only this summer I've found that there are LOTS of mosquitoes in Japan.

Having lots of greenery and bodies of water here, definitely there would be lots of insects coming out on their search and annoy missions. Well like in most places, mosquitoes come out mostly in the Summer.

We can prevent our kids from getting stung or bitten by these insects with insect repellants.

I'm using a non-chemical repellant and Patch for the bitten skin. I actually have an oinment but I cant seem to find it lol..

Note: that repellents are not recommended for use on babies younger than 2 months

Here are some other ways to prevent from getting bitten by these annoying bugs :

1.Wear light color clothing that covers most of the body, keeping as much skin and hair covered as possible when going outdoor. Avoid bright and floral colors.

2. Avoid fragrances in soaps, shampoos, and lotions.
3. Avoid playing outdoors during the peak biting times in your area
4. Try to stay away from insect hangouts like still water, high grass, open garbage, etc

My poor baby has been getting bitten by this effin mosquitos! and so as me ... Ugghhh... This is the reason why I don't often take her out in the park.

But then yesterday, she was on our genkan (front door) and wearing her shoes (did i tell you she can wear it on her own?)... she said "park park" ---"alrighty!" kawaii, so I gave in even if it was late afternoon, the time when you have to be extremely careful.

Here she is feeling so happy! prisonbreak lol

happy happy...
She met a new friend.. I met a new friend too, his mom and I chatted til mosquitos have come out to annoy us.

keywords: mosquito bites, repellant, summer in japan, how to prevent mosquito bites


Is this love... feeling restless inside...

awww sorry.. I just got LSS (last song syndrome) with this song. It' actually been two days and everytime I come to look through this blog of mine, I seem to hear myself singing this song

I really think I'm inlove...

I'm inlove with this blog's new look, The Royal Kawaiiness Theme.

I love all details. I feel so motivated. I so love this and I don't have plan of changing it. I’ve never truly been sat­is­fied with the look of my blogs as I am now. I often tweak and modify them because I get bored and uninspire.

I've been thinking of having a customized blog design for awhile now and I have only one designer in mind.

WAHMaholic Designs
Rate: Expectation EXCEEDED

Well well well... Maybe you already know who's behind this extremely cute and lovely New Theme of my babyblog. I really can't thank her enough for creating such beautiful theme for our Azumi. This Chic is totally awesome and really knows her stuff. She's pretty, witty, nice, approachable, she's all that! I swear!

If you're thinking of blog makeover, I highly recommend her. Worth the price..

A big Thank you so much Kaye!!!! Another satisfied client here

I love this blog and Im loving it more.. I will keep it as long as the WWW exist.


What's up dearies? What can you say about this blog's new look? Well I'll definitely gonna rave about it on my next post.

Now, let's talk about movies and my little girl.

Since she's barely a toddler, we haven't taken her yet to the big screen. Although I heard that there are also special mommy-baby show times at some movie theaters. I don't have plan to try it lol.. I'd rather watch alone and enjoy.

She loves television. Actually, it’s not just T.V. that she loves. Anything that is flickering. It may be computer or phones.

It has become a routine to let her watch several videos a day. She's watching the same videos everyday. Aside from the educational programs she can watch on the local tv, she has a set of Dora, Barneys, Baby Einstein, Baby Bumblebee, Barbie,and Strawberry Shortcake.

It’s not that I intentionally subject her to hours of media but lately, she would hand me the next dvd she wanna watch.. I think it's my fault that she's becoming a media addict..

I should have thought she would have turned out this way because I let her watch for me to do my own thing like chores and internet!

I'm gonna keep my eye on this lil girl from now on... I don't want her to be like me, who was into drama series, in the future


I have been reading aloud to our lil girl once in awhile since she was newborn. ALthough I don't usually read bedtime stories to her. I tried once but I guess it's really not my thing, I easily get bored.. she also gets bored lol. I talk to her instead which has become a routine to put her to sleep.

She enjoys looking and pointing at the illustrations more than listening to a story. She likes us to name a certain photo she points and repeats whatever we say. No wonder, she has learned ABCs, numbers, animals, colors, etc as early as 18 months old.

Some of her books were bought at 100yen Shop. I choose books with bright colors and sharp contrast.

reading books to your toddlersome of her books

reading books to your toddler

Most of them are learning books. However, I'm thinking of starting to read bedtime stories to her . Language skills and even intelligence — can depend on a child's daily exposure to a large vocabulary. So reading is good to your child.

Also studies have shown that reading will help build your toddler's vocabulary, stimulate his imagination, and improve his communication skills.

It's never too late for me to begin reading stories to her.. I might start with my Sophie Kinsella collection lol

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Last week, after Anzu's pre-school class, I took her with me together with some friends to meet an old friend of mine who was leaving for good with her husband whom I haven't seen for years.. I'm so glad they ended up to each other after so many things have happened. That only means that love is so strong. Love indeed conquers all... and so as love moves in mysterious ways lol --- i believe so

Before I get so cheezy and mushy, let me share you some memorable photos taken during our bonding time at Yokota Base

This is my friend Irish. God knows how much I missed this pretty lady. It's been quite awhile since the last time we've been together, almost 3 years?...

I'm just so happy she thought of visiting Tokyo and call us to spend some quality time before they leave for Estados Unidos.

I guess an half day was enough to catch up (of course it wasn't enough..)

SO here she met our little dolly Azumi. IT was LIKE at first sight! It was unusual to see her liking a person instantly, no awkwardness nor worries on her face during the first minute of meeting her. SO KAWAII...

I think she forgot that she has me as a mom for awhile lol. She was so at ease that she even cried when we said goodbye =)

Azumi and her cousin, Ryukun, and a new girlfriend, Miyuki Chan.

They were so all over the place during our late lunch at Chili's..

CUte though....

It was a fun hot and yet afternoon .. i miss the old days when we were still working together. I miss those drunk nights and endless chikkas lol.

Day 214 of 2010's

No goodbyes.. We will definitely see each other again and catch up .for the lost time for sure...

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Dear Anzu,

What a rapid month of activity with you, as always.
Your dad and I are struggling to keep up as you become more of a little person, uniquely you, every day - — learning more words (or just making up your own),... creating ways to have fun like playing your own game, both with us and/or by yourself... figuring out your likes and dislikes... and oh, I think we have a budding musician as you love to create a tune and compose your own songs  (ohhh i love it)

♪☆\(^0^\) ♪(/^-^)/☆♪ Hachi.. Hachi... Kyu Jyu Kyu  ♪☆\(^0^\) ♪(/^-^)/☆♪

Your personality shines as you bubbling with life and energy. If this stage is any sign of what kind of kid you will become when those milestones roll around, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be terrible at all!Looking forward to those days and nights of laughs, entertainment and neverending conversations with you.

Time really flies with you my little Kiki. And now we're gearing up for your big day ---details are yet to unseal.

We thank God for the 22 Months (and counting) of joy and laughters your bring to our home. We love you so much Baby...



Day 152 of 2010's

Daring And Alluring

Day 156 of 2010's

Adorable and Sweet

Day 191 & 193 of 2010's

Like Momma, Like Daughter

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I am indeed a true filipino. My photo and video uploads are always late. Azumi is almost 22 months already but then I haven't done yet uploading videos from May to present on Youtube. My Flickr Photostream is also outdated, and so as my multiply and other other links. Blaming facebook and Grey's Anatomy would be such a lame excuse but honestly, they are the culprit for taking too much of my time whenever I am online. Nanisi pa eh no...


What's up with our darling Kiki? Just wanna share you our latest video upload. She was barely 19 months old then but already knows how to count from 1-10.

I can't remember when did I exactly introduced numbers to her. I started with singing counting songs such as "One, two, buckle my shoe," when going up and down the stairs with her. I always take advantage of every opportunities to count together. We also use some tools like flashcards (ou can also make for yourself) and learning dvd.

Currently, she can count 1 to 20 --although she skips to 15, 16 ---20 sometimes. She also have learned to count in nihonggo Ichi (1) to Jyu (10).

I don't go around bragging. But I'm just so proud of what our daughter has accomplished, with our efforts of course. And I'm glad that she's a kid that loves to learn.