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I, too, noticed a lot of changes eversince I met my honey, and of course, more changes when we learned I have a life inside me.

I`m doing things that I never did or didn`t like to do before I met him.
  • I learned how to cook, and still learning thru research and tips from dad, friends, and friends online.
  • I wake up early, atleast 8am, in weekdays to make breakfast.
  • I learned to control my temper.
  • I became selfless... I think of others first before myself (although sometimes I still become selfish)
  • I learned to say sorry (even I still want to argue because I believe I was right)
  • I do the laundry
  • I iron his clothes, boxers, blankets, even towels (although he`s telling me i don`t have too)
  • I go to groceries
  • I religiously clean our room
  • I nap (almost everyday =) )
  • I learned to listen (although ayoko tinuturuan)
  • I read novel / seriesbooks (my good gurlfriend recommended shopaholic)
  • I`m an active forumer
  • I`m now into blogging =) blogging about my pregnancy, daily rants, etc.
  • hmmmm--- what else? ----

Being in a serious relationship, or marriage, you have to compromise. If giving up something will make your relationship better, you should. You don`t have to change the person, or change yourself for the person, but I believe when there is real love, you change when you feel you have to.

I still have a lot of changes to do, but of course, hinay hinay lang. I should be more thrifty... although there`s a time na I`m kuripot, pero once I go out, I can`t help but to spend. I don`t want to go home without bringing something. ATleast, lately I`m trying to buy things that are important talaga...

Last night I received a comment from my very good friend lhei

09/12/2008 11:10 pm

i've seen your site. i envy it! sooo techie naka ngeni, makanyan pala effect na ning preggy neh =) i've read your post din. til now, can't believe parin na finally you've settled down. your post messages says it all... readin them feels creepy, basta unexplainable. i'm happy that you turned out to be that way, akit ko ing contentment keka...super =)

It was funny but I`m touched. I miss them so much as much as I miss my loveones...


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