My 38th week Check Up

4:50 PM
My 38h week Check Up


We had our weekly check up awhile ago. Dami patients kahit na naka-schedule ako ng 10am. I waited for about an hour.

This time, it was Dr. Kaku =( Ok naman sya compare to Dr. Tanaka, kaso lately he looks so boring. Unlike the first few times he checked me during my first trimester, super explaine din sya and may drawings pa for me to understand, and he was so jolly, lagi nakatawa. But now and the other time, after Ultrasound, wala masyado chit chats... Ok lang, no further eplanations. He didn`t even bother to show Azumi`s face =(

I guess nagsasawa na sya sa profession nya, that`s what I think ha... Family of OB GYN kasi sila, they own the hospital, and everyday, super dami patients, siguro sawa na sya kaya he`s not as jolly as before, parang pilit na yung tawa nya =( Or maybe, nahihiya sya sa kin hehe... I wasn`t wid honey kasi.

AFter US, he checked my u know... Mataas pa daw kaya I think di pa sya labas this September huhuhu....

Then I had been monitored in the 2nd floor. I think that was fetal monitor for the baby kung stressed ba sya or something, 20 minutes din ako nakahiga... I had a hard time standing up, sakit ng hips ko grabe... Then wait na naman for the explanation of the result.... He just said na baby is fine, i should be back next week for a check up, that`s all... I was expecting more.

I miss Dr. Yamaguchi and Dr. Fugawa, buti pa sila....

Of course, as usual, after check up, my leisure time na naman, just me kaya it`s ok na hindi ako samahan ni honey pa-check up so I can go shopping or window shop. I have to walk para bumaba na sya and enjoy at the same time =) I call it LEISURE WALK. Ayaw ko kasi sya kasama pag sa shopping, u know guys...

I went to the bank first for my Dad... di nagreply agad si nikka kaya pinagshopping ko na lang yung sobra money, yahoo... =) Lucky me coz may sale sa fave store ko...

I wish I could give birth this SEPTEMBER. Please Lord........(crossing fingers)

But it`s ok if it didn`t happen, as long as I would have safe delivery and no complications si Baby.

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