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Just finished blogging on my personal site.

9/10, we went to Beer Mount at Mt. Takao with my Honey, MOm and Aunt Hisayo. It was an overlooking alfresco eat and drink all you can resto at the top of the mountain. Actually, I insisted to go with them coz I wanted to have a long walk in the mountain ( so i could give birth earlier than expected heheh ) But then, we rode a cable car so I didn`t get to have a long walk =(

Nevertheless, I enjoyed so much the night view of tokyo, and of course, the variety of foods... too bad, I can`t drink any alcoholic drinks coz Im prego... Everybody was drinking. I think japanese loves beer especially during summer, just like everybody does. I miss drinking alcohol though =)

Let me just share you some great things about being pregnant, atleast from my experiences.

1. You're guaranteed to have special treatment especially inside the train (atleast here in Japan).

2. People look at your stomach and can't help smiling, as if the mere thought of your being pregnant has actually made their day a little bit brighter.

- especially the oldies here, alot of times like today, an old woman approached me and asking how I was, what`s the baby`s gender, when is my due, and so whatever.... I just feel so kawaii coz everybody says "kawaii ne..."

3. You can eat a whole pint of chocolate-chunk ice cream and not feel guilty. Every night.

- yeah i can`t help but eat especially sweets, like ice cream, cookies, etc. especially at night. I know it`s bad, but I just can`t help it. Sometimes Honey and I would go driving thrus like Starbucks, MCdo, and Mos Burger in the middle of the night.... The last time was last night and I promised myself that would be the last time ...

4. You can -- no, you must! --take naps. Lots of them.

- you`ll get sleepy in the afternoon especially during 1st and 2nd trimester. YOU SHOULD SLEEP coz when you turn on your 3rd trimester, some find it hard to sleep at night..

5. Getting to name another human being.

- yes, we had lots of scratch papers of our baby names choices...

6. Watching your husband turn into a father when he kisses your belly good night, reads to the baby in utero, or stays up until 3:00 a.m.

- i love it when baby responds to him thru her kicks and movements.

7. Buying a lil sexy clothes.

- It's not about hiding your flaws; it's about flaunting your belly.

8. The amazing anticipation. It's like all your previous birthdays and holidays rolled into one.

9. Imagining the possibilities.

10. More personal space! And you have no qualms about claiming it.

11. You eat healthier, drink more water, and carefully read ingredient labels. Suddenly, it matters more to you what you put in your body.

- I suddenly became concious on what I eat... but on the 2nd trimester, I just cant help but eat sweets, which is not really healthy coz of the high calories... it will just make your baby grow bigger

12. When you`re bored you feel your baby squirming inside you and the sensation takes you away. It's your own secret communication.

13. Getting to hear the swish swish swish of your baby's heartbeat on the Doppler.

-You should have at least good quality doppler to hear it clearly

14. The extra attention you get from everyone -- your husband gives you more foot rubs,

and your friends call / mail to check in more often.

Neighbors offer to help... sometimes they make me foods.

15. The pregnancy beauty package: thick, silky hair; long, strong nails; beautiful skin; big boobs.

16. Shopping for a person you haven't met yet: tiny clothes, all-new furniture, and adorable room decorations.

17. Dreaming about the first time someone calls you "Mommy" and the first time you hear someone call your husband "Daddy."

18. Baby showers! They remind you how special your friends and family think you are.

-had a baby shower on my 25th week in PI.. it was a different fun because most of the important persons to you are there

19. A continuous sense of accomplishment.

- Im not into blogging but im loving it now.. I just love sharing things about being pregnant, and of course about my baby.

20. Spending immeasurable amounts of time hearing classical music, researching about pregnancy over the internet.... etc

21. Knowing that all the bad stuff -- the heartburn, swollen ankles, backaches, and the rest -- doesn't last forever. And that in the end, it's all worth it.

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