My 36th week Check Up

My 36th week Check Up


Just had our regular check up again two days ago, 9/16... So glad I was checked by Dr. Fugawa. He`s my other favorite OB GYn (the other is Dr. Yamaguchi). There were lots of patients, and he was the only doctor present =( I waited 1 and half hour, but it was all worth it coz I saw my baby again thru 3d ultrasound... SHe was sleeping =(

But I saw a glimpse of her face coz she`s covering it with her hand. Doc was trying to wake her up though. I also saw her feet, her gender, her heart, and everything... she`s all well... =) Im so happy.

I`m wishing to give birth this week, BUt mada-mada desu, not yet the right time =( He said I should walk atleast 30 mins a day.

Yesterday afternoon, while I was sleeping ( i think my baby was sleeping too... ), I got awaked by a sudden loud bark of my neighbor`s dog, maybe my baby heard it too because she suddenly kicked me, as if she was shocked, then she never stop moving.... I felt wow =) I can`t wait to see her... we really can`t wait... even my neighbors =) Everytime they see me, they always ask how I was, when is my due, if ever I need help I shouldn`t hesitate to ask them, blah blah, sometimes they give me foods (ulam) , veggies, even baby stuffs, etc.. like yesterday, my neighbor at the back of our house gave me fruits =)

They are all so warm to a foreigner like me...

Although I don`t have much friends as same as my age here in my place, I`m just glad that there are so many people here who cares for me aside from my husband of course... my mom is here, my brother, my cousin, my mom`s inlaws, and my husband`s parents.

I miss my loveones in the Philippines though =(

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