Luvin Pink

My gosh... it`s September already. Time is so fast talaga... few weeks from now we`ll gonna see our lil princess face to face. I pray na sana walang complications and maging normal ang delivery. I`m excited and yet scared... Until now, wala pa yung baby crib na inorder ko online thru Rakuten =(

I noticed that Im loving pink... I just noticed it awhile ago, medyo dumami yata ang pinkish clothes ko ngayon, even my site`s theme pink pala. Unintentionally na-influence yata ako ng mga blogmates kasi almost all of their theme is pink.. I have also an online friend na super addict sa Pink din =) Yung mga peeps sa paligid ko when they knew na it`s a girl, i received lots of pinky gifts, kahit nung baby shower ni baby sa PI...>

My real favorite colors are blue, black and white... almost clothes, bags, and accessories ko shades of black, white and blue... Lately its funny, dami ko na rin pinkish stuffs. Actually when I bought my camera`s case, I was looking for pink kaso wala na kaya blue na lang instead... Im luving pink. Before kasi di naman ako pa-girl, kaya i loved strong colors...

That`s all for now... tomorrow I`ll gonna have my regular check up =) we`ll see our baby again thru US... I just hope na hindi si Dr. Tanaka ang magchecheck sa kin, tamad kasi maghanap ng good position ni baby to capture kainis... ang bilis pa, and di man masyado ineexplaine unlike the other doctors.. I wonder kung doctor ba talaga sya, coz he looks so weird, parang maniac heheh, di ko pa maintindihan mga words nya kahit nag-eenglish, parang kinakain nya yung dila.. oh well forget him... I hope it would be Dr. Yamaguchi or Dr. Fugawa (crossing fingers...)

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