Happy 7 months Baby ANzu

Another month will be rolled by...
In less than 24 hours (5/8), my baby will be
7 MONTHS OLD How lovely. Time is just moving right along .

randomly taken during her 6th month days


During my baby's 6th month..
My baby has learned to scream at the top of her voice and she really does it most of the time . I think she's starting to test my patience . From that tiny lil sweet voice to--- i dont know, it's still sweet but there are times it has a lil sharpness, it's irritating, especially at night .

SHe gets excited when we're outside, seeing a lot people, and seems to be enjoying their attention by giving them back with her big grinny smile and giggles when being amused. Social butterfly ... Sometimes I get ashamed when she suddenly screams outloud, and people look at us. Buti na lang japanese loves babies, especially the cutie ones, you would always hear them say "kawaii-------" .

I miss my lil tiny girl when she was only 1-3months, so quiet like an angel BUt still, we enjoy her more now, her noises, giggles, screams, and the way she responds when we talk to her .

She also babbles alot. I always check her mouth to see if there's a tooth coming, but I dont see anything yet.. Malapit na siguro .

She now knows how to eat crackers or biscuits which is really helpful especially when we're outside. When we're together for shopping, I give her baby biscuits to keep herself busy. SO glad she's not giving me a hard time

She can roll from her back onto her stomach–and back again. I'll post her rolling back over clip next time. Im happy to see her rolling and moving little by little on her own trying to reach and get something, but it's really nerve-racking.

Looks like she will be cruising around in no time and keep us quite busier...


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  1. uber cute and pretty talaga ang princess mo!!!

  2. Bams mabuti talaga at naisusulat mo lahat ng nagagawa niya. Good job ka! Kuhanan mo lang ng kuhanan ng pictures at videos dahil sa ganyang paraan lang natin "makakahon" ang mabilis na paglaki nila. :D

    She's such a cutie! *Hugs*

  3. wow, ang laki na ni Anzu...my goodness! she's getting prettier each day...thanks for sharing Mommy ganda....:)

  4. you are so lucky gurl to have this so cutie kid =) ang cute cute!! sarap isil pisilin ahahah =) hay namis sko tuloy magka bby ulit kung di lng mahirao magpalaki eh =) nweis i have a tag for you =)http://jeslising.blogspot.com/2009/05/8-things.html

  5. Ambilis ng panahon bams ano? keep documenting all her progress ha? i love to see anzu's smile. she is just soooo kawaii!!!!!! andami na cguro nyang pics. gawan mo rin cya ng scrapbook or photobook talaga para meron ka rin printed form. iba pa rin kasi pag meron kang hard copy.

  6. hi bams! we're doing fine here in germany. di naman masyado mahirap mag-adjust. it's okay if di tayo nakapag-EB while we were still there. we can still visit japan since meron pa naman kami visa there until 2011. will let u know pag bakasyon kami jan. promise!

  7. Happy 7th month to your princess!

  8. ang cute talaga ni Baby Anzu! nakakagigil :) my son turned 7 months a day before anzu :)

    i have the same problem too, kahit boy ang anak ko he sometimes shrieks na parang mababasag eardrums ko hehe by the way, i created a blog of his own http://journalsofalittleprince.blogspot.com. hope you can drop by.

    happy mother's day!

  9. She is growing fast and achieving all the milestones ... Hay,,,soon she will be all over ,, walking and running.... brace yourself Mommy Bam...
    anyway its true she is such a CUTIE!!!!!! ah for sure she will be such a stunner like you!!!


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