Milestone: Rolling back and over =)

9:01 AM
Hello MOmmies and dearies... It's been awhile... been busy as always. Especially this week, had a small family gathering 2 days coz it was the birthday of YOURS TRULY 'will be going out of town this weekend... full schedule ang anak namin lol

Newoo, I was supposed to share something about our dear lil dolly Anzu a week ago, but I just had no time for blogging. ( I missed your blogs )...

Anzu rolled over from back to stomach when she was 5 months . SHe may be late compared to other babies... She's now 7 months and has just started rolling over from back to stomach to back to stomach... SOmetimes it freaks us out seeing her rolling back and over during asleep. Ang likot likot na talaga promise Should we worry about her rolling over in the middle of the night or is t just normal?

We're planning to sleep in a japanese style Futon next month coz my sissy's still using it. I wouldnt have to worry about her falling from the bed and "pukpuk" her head on the wall unintentionally during asleep

WHere have the days gone by when I was too secure of leaving her for sec in the room, knowing she's not going anywhere =)!

I know I’ll have to keep two eyes on her instead of one especially when she starts to crawl around


  1. wow!!ang likot na likot na talaga ni Anzu!!ilang months na lang gagapang na yan at talagang di mo na cya maaalis sa paningin mo!excited din ako sa mga milestones ni Anzu!!\(^0^)/

  2. hi mommy thanks sa dalaw =)
    ang galing n ni anzumag roll ahahah =) nweis re sa worry mo kung okay lngb sa pagtulog e nag ro roll...YES thats normal ingatan mo nga lng and maging alert ka kasi ilang beses n nalaglag ang babies ko both of them nmung time n ganyan sila kalikot s akama =) kahit magolagay ako ng matataaas n harang na unana wala p dn! =) eheheheh
    re sa artscow: YES magnda nmn ang paper, satisfied nmnako compared yungdito sa pinas ahahah =) maganda =) ginrab ko lht ng [romos, kinucompare ko prices dito sa pians ahahah =) mas mura dun eh =)

  3. Very good!!! Now, you watch out Mommy! :D

  4. Congratulations to you and your angel! ingat-ingat na mommy...

  5. hi bambie! yes talagang malikot na sila at this age :) don't worry about it. ako din hindi ko na rin maiwanan anak ko for one second. kahit tulog, kasi ikot ng ikot. and you better watch out when she starts pulling herself up, baka magtopple over siya :) btw, belated happy birthday! and i still haven't done your tag, been busy too. backlogged na ko hehe

  6. yippeeee.. ang galing ni anzu :) congrats!

  7. Wow, pretty soon she'll be all over the place. Tutok talaga ngayon ang dapat dahil they'll be more active. :o)


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