Update: Anzu and her Tita Nix

Hello Mommies and sisterettes It's always been a busy week for me, and even got busier since last week. I miss surfing the internet, chatting with friends, and reading your blogs 347.gif image by kawaii-bebe. I won't have much time to do it for awhile because... MY DEAR LIL SISSY is here , finally. She was actually supposed to be here last 2 weeks ago but ---- something came up and got delayed. Nevertheless, she's here and we still have 5 more weeks to bond and have fun before she goes back to PI for her classes.

My baby adores her Tita Nikka, it was an instant love the first time they met each other. She giggles whenever she sees her. I'm just so glad they get along well. My sista's been helpful in baby sitting her pretty lil niece .

Oh yeah, Anzu had been restless and couldn't sleep during my sissy's first 3 nights... Usually she sleeps at 9, but the other days, she couldn't have a goodnight sleep, she wakes up in the middle of the night. I guess when babies suddenly get hyper or excited during the day, they couldn't sleep at night.. that's what I noticed... NOw, she's back to her normal routine. She sleeps on her usual sleeping time , and wakes up so early like 7am . SOmetimes it's hard for me to get up that early because I always stay up late, but seeing her smiling when she's trying to wake me up, oh well--- when I try to sleep again, she makes noises, she tries to get my attention with her "ahh ahh ...s"

She's also seems to be enjoying now being outside, going out for shopping, seeing alot of people, and riding a train Hindi na sya hirap alagaan, dati kasi nagbubusit na sya pag napapagod na , now I just give her something to eat and/or play, behaved na sya

Photosharing 1237849029-554860.gif image by kawaii-bebe

sharing some of Anzu's pics from 4.24.2009 ~ 4.30.2009

ANYWHEEZ, see you again. Enjoy your week. IT's GOLDEN WEEK over here in Japan, everybody is on vacation . My birthday is also coming, next week May 13 weeee


  1. looks like they are getting along pretty well. look at her smile on the first pix, just lovely!!!

  2. that's very sweet...not to forget your sister is as lovely as you. Have a great week mommy!

  3. wow! sister mo pala yun, at first I thought she was you hehe. ang cute ni anzu! as usual :)

    my baby's birthday is oct. 7! one day lang pala difference nila :) have a great week! :)

  4. btw, I made a separate blog for my son, http://journalsofalittleprince.blogspot.com :)

  5. ang gaganda naman ng lahi nyo!!!

  6. Wow, beauty runs in the family talaga ha... Now it is passed on to Anzu, sige padamihin mo lahi nyo hehehe, mestisahin!

    I added u nga pala on my bloglist, hope u can add me here too.. mwah, salamat sa visit kahit busy ka hehehe..

  7. woah you have a beautiful sister =) Kamukha mo =) wow buti nagbakasayun sila ehehe =) mukhang enjoy n enjoy si baby anzu ha =) eheheheh ang cutie cute ng anak mo =) taga san b yang sister mo...sabihin mo pasalubong ko ahahahahahah =) joke!

    oist gwin mo n yung photobook im sure ull enjoy doing it kapag nakapag pa p-arint k n ng isa heheheh =) gumagawa k nga ng slides eh gnund n yun sa photobook eheheh =) khit nde sya scrapbook style =) madali lng sya =) sa adobe k b gumagawa? nde kasi ako marunong sa adobe yet eh =) mas enjoy ko p gumamit ng artscow own's program eheheh =)have a nice day!
    eto books ko tgnan mo -

  8. aww wee your sister there na ehehe .. it's good anzu adores her tita eheheh obviouse na obvious sa pic ehehe .. at first I thought it was you carrying her :P and then i looked closely lol .. ang cute cute tlga ni anzu ehehe ...
    anyways hope your sissy enjoys her stay there ehehe .. i think 5 weeks is too short :( .. I'm sure pag balik nya mamimiss nya si anzu :P eehhehe


  9. oh, just look at that! anzu is so delighted to see her tita nix. glad that ur sister was finally able to come visit and babysit. hehe! my older sissy also came when i had sam. she took an LOA from work and stayed with us for 3 months. it's really a blessing to have an extra hand around so enjoy it while nikka is there and catch up on some zzzzzz... take care bams!

  10. Ay bakit hindi matutuwa si Anzu e parang Mommy niya rin si Tita Nix niya! Ilang taon na siya? Baka pwede ko ipakilala sa brother ni Jose... as friends? :D Peace!

    Nakakatuwa at nakaka adapt na talaga si Anzu noh? Sa susunodniyan matutuwa ka kasi kasabay niyo na siya kumain, maglakad, etc.

    Warm hugs to you and your beautiful girls. Saya niyan!

  11. Both mummy & baby are so beautiful. Love those smiles. :):)

  12. de ko napansin yun na pag na-excite ang baby eh nahihirapan sila matulog. ang napansin ko pag nag-iba ng daily routine nahihirapan sila matulog. bambie ganda ng sister just like you ;)

  13. bams, awards for you! come and get them. hugs! pasencya na i commented here. di ko na kasi makita shoutbox mo. hugs!

  14. Ang cute ng sissy mo,Bams!!I'm sure your sister is enjoying her stay here in Japan!Kulitan na naman!!^_^


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