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10:41 PM
This is my first time to post a tag in my babyblog. Anyway I love this tag which I got from my Ate online, MOmmy Clarissa

8 things I' m looking forward to :
1. Buy a new gadget.. still thinking between Itouch or Iphone
2. Our Anniversaries (June 11 -2 yrs of being married to each other, July 4 -4 years of being a happy couple)
3. Our lil girl's 1st bday in Tokyo Disney Resort
4. Going home to PI with our lil girl and Surprise my Dad
5. A bigger car, family car
6. Meeting some of my online friends especially Ate Clarissa and her family (cant wait)
7. My hubby's new business
8. simple wedding ceremony with close friends and loveones in PI

8 things I did yesterday:
1. Laundry
2. Cleaned the house
3. Cooked Tonjiru for the first time
4. Went out with my dear lil sis
5. Grocery with my Hubby
6. Went to Dorama to rent Dvds
7. Long dinner with HUbby
8. Edited our weekend videos and photos

8 things I wish I could do:
1. Sleep early 
2. Eat less carbs ( cant resist extra rice, grabe )
3. Get a japanese driving license (dami kasi papers na kailangan, im just lazy to complete the requirements )
4. Go online the whole day... I miss my friends and loveones from all over the world. Di na ako nakakapag-reach out. I miss my blogger friends' blogs
5. Clean my mom's house
6. Have a career again ( pero ayoko pa.. sarap maging SAHM eh )
7. Teach my loveones in the PI about eating healthy foods. no oils, no cholesterol
8. Organize a grand vacay with my girlfriends ( i miss them )

8 shows I watch:
1. Boku no Immoto ( japanese drama )
2. Precious Hearts (bud brothers) (abscbn now)
3. The Buzz (abscbn now)
4. Prison Break (my all time favorite, kaso nakakabitin, tagal magrelease ng next episode dvds)
5. Tayong Dalawa (although naha-hi blood ako)
6. Sunday Japon (japanese tv)
7. News (japanese tv)
8. Best House (japanese tv)

NOw im tagging YOU .. And let me know your 8 Things....


  1. sipag ni mommy bambie ah dami ginawa :)

  2. iTouch na lang hehehe... kumusta ang mga beauties dyan sa japan?

  3. Thanks for doing the tag,Bambie!!^_^ Malapit na palang wedding anniversary nyo--I'll be here to greet you that day.
    Can't wait to meet you and your family,too!

  4. waaahh!! lurve ko din prison break. huhuhu. di ko pa nga natatapos yung season 3 nun. wawa naman ako. hihi.. gwapo ni wentworth no? yiihhh!!

  5. yeah you should see it, mas nakaka-stress lalo na yung last season.. mamaya tatapusin na namin, kahapon lang na-release yung last 4 episode dvd dito =( kakalungkot talaga na matatapos ko na


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