mommy moments: the grannies

Here is my hippie Mom with her first grand daughter.

She doesn't want to be called "lola" or "grandma", but "Mamu" or "Mamita" instead... She visits us once in awhile.. she lives just a block away from our house.

I think the greatest thing she ever did to me that made me feel the exteme overjoyed was when I learned that she was actually there when I gave birth. All the while I thought she went home right after Nurses' took me to the delivery room because she wasnt allowed to get inside and was told that she may get home and be back the next day. She just waited near the door until Anzu came out... She's the only closest Loveone I have here in Japan, so it felt different knowing that she was there.

This is our baby's Ojisan, or grandfather on her daddy's side. Actually, he is my hubby's stepdad. He's always been generous to his pretty granddaughter. He always gives her big amount of money on special events (celebrations for girls here in japan are many) And he wouldn't let us say NO . Kaya medyo hiya ako sa kanya. He also cooks for us whenever they pay a visit. Retired Chef kasi sya on one of the five stars hotel in Tokyo. Highly respected and a good man indeed.

Still looking forward to meet my hubby's Daddy, hopefully next year. Haven't met him but I heard a lot of nice stories about him.

Anzu's cool Baba, or grandmother on her Dad's side. She's really cool and also a generous granny. She always brings presents whenever they visit us. No dull moments with her. I never thought she was that cool. I Love her..

A picture with my Dad taken last year, when I was 6 months pregnant.

I know how much he wanted to see his first Apo, as much as I wanted my baby to meet her goodlooking LoLo Dad. He's also the reason why I document everything about our lil girl, the countless photos, music videos and video clips. Pinapadala ko so he can also watch our lil baby grow 1231653996-876316.gif image by kawaii-bebe

We're planning to surprise him this November or early next year. Can't wait to see my baby and her Lolo Pogi having a great bonding time D.gif image by bams704

More grandparents bonding HERE.


  1. Time to meet the grandparents pala of Anzu. :)
    She's so lucky that all of her grandparents loves her.. I didn't meet any grandparents since I was born.

  2. your daughter is blessed to have grandparents who love her! :D thanks for sharing!

  3. wow! pretty interesting...thanks for sharing mami bamz...Anzu is very lucky...:)

  4. what a lucky girl, daming nagmamahal sa kanya!

  5. swerte ka na rin sa kanila katulad ng anakis mo mommy ganda

  6. Minsan lang ang ganyang mababait na Grannies dito sa Japan at maswerte tayo dun! Good to here that Anzu have cool Grandparents!She's so lucky!^_^

  7. wow ate bambie laki na nang baby mo ah!

  8. Suwerte naman ni Anzu to have doting grandparents :) hope matuloy nga kayo sa pagvisit sa Dad mo :)

  9. Lucky Princess to have doting grandparents :)

  10. ur daughter is indeed a princess in her grannies' eyes..nice visiting here...

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    Her and History

  11. magkamukhang magkamukha kayu ah =) alam mo n itsura mo p0agtanda mo...maganda pa rin! ahahahah =) thnks for visiting and yes d ako marunong magluto...marunong ako sumunod ng instruction sa cookbook at ke enchi ahahahha =)

  12. Wow! you're blessed with wonderful parents and parents in law.
    pretty mommy, pretty daughter ;-)


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