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I love spending time with my daughter . When I was single, I don't usually stay at home, I was always out with my friends, cousins, or boyfriends (whoever they were that time ). WHen I finished college, I moved here in Tokyo to be with my Mom and her family (which is my family also hehe ), and grab the opportunity to work at the same time . I was indeed a workaholic . Well, that was my divertion to ease my homesickness and loneliness aside from shopping of course .... Ooopss ---i better stop na before I talk further about myself here lol . I dont want to mess my Anzu's blog with my
so-called personal rants and rather blog it to my own bloggie.

The thing is, Im a changed person, and so as Hubby who had so much crazier endeavors and lifestyle when he was younger lol. Our life has never been more quiet and happier. We’ve come a long way since our lil girl was born .

Our goal is to build a strong foundation of love in our family. To raise our daughter (and future kids) thoughtfully and intentionally. We know that doing that takes alot of effort. We're both still a newbie as parents, but the thought of dreaming to have a happy family is great motivation, as we struggle to work hard at the same time for the future without compromising our quality time for one another. Despite of unlikely circumstances at times, we’re making every effort to raise her to be a polite, compassionate, and caring person .

Ang drama ko naman eh no? ドラマ する の は たまに だけ。


  1. Hi there mommy. Ang pretty naman ng unica hija mo. Pareho kayong maganda. Nice to be here. :-)

  2. nice to know that you're happy and contented with your life now...good luck sis...

  3. hahaha nagemote si mommy oh hehehe.. sige puntahan ko nga tong bloggie mong isa..

    gaganda nyong dalawa!

  4. agreed with you sis..we're changed for the better when we become parents..

    Sawadii Ka pag babe sis..Sawadii khap or krap sa lalaki..he..he...

  5. yes contentment is great gain... glad to be here, salamat sa pag visit. You've got a beautiful baby like you...

  6. dumaan lang ulit sis, musta ka na ba dyan sa bansa ng mga hapon?

  7. Good to hear that you are contented with your life--I'm happy for you^_^ Gusto ko tong ipabasa sa mga kaibigan kong pinay (dun sa bukid ng tralala) na kahit may mga asawa na ,di pa rin marunong makontento sa buhay at puro reklamo.

  8. buti pa kau may pic kayo ni azumi na nakatawa siya lagi.
    cute talaga niya !!

  9. Ang ganda talaga ng princess mo, mommy. I love all her pics esp the last one. ang saya2x nya. ganda ng smile!


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