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5:21 PM
My lil dolly princess just lurves being in water . There were times she screams when we take her out of the bath. It's almost summer here . Well I think it's already begun because it's real hotty during afternoon .

One of these days, I'm gonna introduced to her another form of water fun . Good Granny Baba bought her a kiddie pool last week (ありがとう おかあさん ) Our lil dolly has always been showered with gifts whenever her grannies visit her... (sana ako din kepo..)

Changing season means SUPER SALE! ..my favorite thing every season. I bought Anzu her first bathing suit from Baby Gap ふふふ...

Anyways, enjoy watching her Baby Bath music video, and check out her new Shampoo hat which made it easier for me to rinse her. It's a foam disc with a hole in the middle for your baby’s noggin. You wash and rinse the hair while keeping your child’s eyes and ears protected. Very helpful especially when you're baby is super malikot

Anzu's Baby Bath Pics from 1st month to 8th month

Let's Get It ON
Music by: Marvin Gaye


  1. hi momma bams,

    first of all- i so love marvin gaye and really enjoyed reading this post.

    my thea is also a water baby and once she's in (pool or tub) it hard to get her out na. Anyways, don't you just love lookin at them in their bikinis (hihihi, bata pa fashionista na)

    Have a great week ahead

  2. Ohayo,Bambie!!!Hisashiburi!!Nag-enjoy ako sa vids ni Anzu lalo na yung shower time nya with the shampoo hat.Ganyan din si Wakaba dati kaya lang hanggang ngayon takot pa rin cyang mabuhusan ng tubig ang mukha nya kaya hirap akong shampoo-hin cya.

  3. Hahaha sana nga si mommy meron din gift hehehe...

    love all your pics in flicker

  4. i think all babies love water.. ganyan din mga burritos ko.

  5. You deserve every award in this post sis! You're a great mother, blogger and friend :)

  6. Ang init na kasi ano? kaya cgro feel na feel ni azumi na lagi nasa water hehehhee

  7. wow sarap naman ng ligo ni azumi.
    sweet naman ni momma.
    laging updated sa blog ni azumi.
    anaty namin ang pictures ni azumi na naka 2 piece.


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