Prettier in Green

I wasn't much of a Pink Lover before , I never hate it, i just didnt like it . I thought it was so girly, soft et al. I always love dominant colors like blue, black and white. You won't see any pinky stuff in me, not until I got pregnant .

Unnoticeably, I started to get fascinated with Pink . I unintentionally bought clothes and stuffs in the shades of Pink, just thinking that they were look better in that color, not because I like pink . I only realized that I was actually beginning to like the color when we learned that our baby's gender is a girl ... kaya pala. All of a sudden, I was so fond of Pinks.. even my lil sister cant believe i was all over into pink kasi I even bought a pink laptop.

So there... You could just imagine how our home turned into a girly house, especially our room . All are coordinated with Pink, yellow and red . From curtains to carpet..... Honey would jokingly tell everybody that the only place that's left for him is the kitchen and the garage .

Of course, Anzu's things are all in girly colors.

Apparently, I realized that I should expose our lil girl with variety of colors, and eventually let her choose the color she really likes. Her closet are now coded with different colors. Pink, blue, black, white, orange, brown, lavander, and lately, there's green which i really never thought is cute kerokeroppiemoticon.

Well just take a look, baby girls could even be much prettier in green..

I guess my obsession with pink is now over.. ALthough I still like it, but I realized I love blue, black and white more.

So what is your favorite color?
Do you choose color for someone (e.t kids, hubby,bf?)?
What color you don't like?


  1. love your pix when you're pregnant, kahit buntis ka e halata pa rin ang kagandahan sa aur mo sis...and ito namang babay mo wala ako masabi, ang ganda nya sa green are so blessed to have a baby like her...good luck sis

  2. I really love the color, green is my favorite, cute baby talaga...

  3. what a cute baby in green, I love it.

  4. ahihihi- meron din akong shots na ganyan when i was preggy.

    i was never a pinky girl din- ive always loved shades of blue and purple, but when Thea came ive grown to love it kasi it looks nice on baby girls di ba.

    have a happy thursday momi :)

  5. Ako rin,I'm not that into pink,lahat yata ng damit ko eh kulay blue at itim, pag merong bright colors sa closet ko bigay ni hubby!
    Kina Wakaba at Haruka ok lang.Wakaba loves pink ( she loves your gift to her! ) si Haruka naman hinde mapili sa colors.
    Anzu looks prettier in bright colors lalo na ang green!!^_^

  6. parehas tayo nun nalaman ko na bebe ko girl.
    lahat yata ng nagbigay sa akin ng gift para sa bebe ko color pink at green.

    ang cute kasi sa bebe ang color green.

    ang ganda mo sis kahit na buntis ka.

  7. ganda ganda mo tlga sister hehehe pati baby mo cute cute =0 nweis yes magnda nag green lalu na sa maputi, ako dn ayaw ko pink before pero ngyun love n love ko dn simula nung nagka baby ako ng gurl...un pla ngyun ko lng na realize na nauso lng pla ang pink....if mapapansin mo pati boys nag pi pink? kasi nauso...ngyun d ba naiisip mo na mas love mo p dn ang dating fav color mo, thats becoz nahawa ka lng sa fashion and fad eheheheh =) nweis have soimehting for you -

  8. I love white color the most,next is yellow,halos lahat ng damit ko white & black,parang napaka tidy & formal kasi tingnan.Grin!
    So..buntis ka pala hehe I saw your photos in here,maganda ka pala talaga 'though I'd always seein' your primary pic in every comments you'd left sa ibang Bloggers maganda ka din sa primary pic mo.I'm glad I found new blogmate again here in Japan korekara yoroshiku ne:)Thanks for the visit,gonna add you too into mine as well as your badge:)A huge thanks in advance.Kiwosukete ne!Btw,kailan ang due date mo?And not to forget bagay na bagay sa baby mo yung dress nya na green,malamig sa mata,tamang tama para sa summer.Jya!

  9. oh yes! i so love green. I even used green in all of my layouts even in my blogsite.. ^_^

  10. thnks for visiting mommy..nde kao ung naka swimsuit, monica yun cousin ko ehehhe nag bakasyun sa manila kaya ginawan ko ng album ehehhe=) angbata ko nmn kung ako yun ahahhah =) lumba lumba na ko noh! ehhehhe =) naka isa k n b? tingin ng link! =0

  11. I love Anzu on green, she looks so fresh and very sweet of course..... Prettier as ever just like Mommy!!

  12. green and pink goes well together, its refreshing to the eyes. anything will go for you guys, especially little Anzu. your husband is so understanding. Pretty ha even with the tummy.

  13. Yeah she is pretty in green but I guess she will be pretty in every color din:)

    Love the preggy pics;)So cute!


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