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I actually don't know the exact words to describe what I felt when I received a surprise gift from my ol friend who's always been thoughtful and nice to me eversince . What more surprised me was the homemade goodies she made for us . Good timing that Honey was home when the package was delivered... it was a lazy sunny late afternoon ... She just doesnt know, we had such a great time opening the gift, Anzu was sooo makulit 本当に 楽しかった and we enjoyed the yummy Soy Cake and cookies until our midnight snack (as in ubos na). ANg sarap talaga, made with love kasi

THANK YOU MUCH Ate Clarissa, you don't know how you always inspire me
いつも ありがとう ございます。。 

I also witness another milestone when ANzu picked up the cookies from the floor while sitting

Im really looking forward to our first meeting. I dont know when but Im sure we will..


  1. wwaaahhh!!Ako din na touch as well!!at di mo lang alam kung gaano ako nagba-blush ngayon!!

    Thank YOU very much for the friendship, Bambie!!^_^I'm also looking forward of meeting you and your family!!^_^

  2. wow she's growing fast i can't believe it its been a while your such cutie

  3. how sweet of clarissa :)

    cute photos :)

  4. Mukhang masarap ang cookies! :-)

  5. sweet naman ni fren.
    sarap cguro ng cookies!

  6. oh, so sweet.. i love cookies, looks so yumyumy..

  7. what a very sweet of her. It's good to meet great people over the net, they are the ones that makes it a better place. Enjoy your goodies!!

  8. awww so sweet naman ni rizza...

    hey bams, would you mind emailing me your home add too pls?

  9. hahahah lil' anzu really had a blast with the cookies!

  10. so cute your baby and you also...how are na ba?

  11. How sweet & generous naman ni Clarissa,naku Mommy pareho pala kayo ni Clarisse umuulan din sa kanila kaya hindi rin nya napanood ang eclipse.Zannen!grin!:)

  12. hmmm sarap ng kain! ehehheh taaba k nyan ehehhe=)

    re sa awrd youre welcome...and re sa comment ko hehehe bakit k nmn mahihiya eh ang ganda mo nmn tlga! =) ehehhe uy nde ako uung nak aswimsuit s photobook ha cousin ko yun na 14 year old ehehhehe


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