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I would you to meet my baby's girlfriend, Miki Chan . She's a month older and also a filipino-japanese. Her mom and I have known each other for 2 years. I met her at school where I attended a Japanese Language and Culture course for 2 years although she enrolled later, 2 months before our graduation . The first time I saw her, I thought she was a Thai. I remember I was the first person in our room who welcomed her , you know Ive always been the "friendly one" in our class, i mean some of my classmates were shy type and some were just in their own world ( i miss them though...) ...

Anyway, we're both suprised that we're neighbors 縺医∈.

SO there, we're still friends even after I graduated. I was a bum and she was working, we usually hang out in our house, talking about anything, like how much I wanted to get pregnant and how much she loves working. Sometimes, we bumped each other at the grocery, chat a lil (with our loud voices 鬘・ src= )

Until one day, we brought a good news to each other at the same time. I was excitingly telling her I was finally prego, and she answered me back, "me too"... 繧医▲ 顔(喜び ヨチE src=

Ohhh, look our cutie dollies kepo They're so lovable and cute together. The first time they met, Anzu was 2 months old, they were so quiet and just smiling at us.. they're like angels RELOAD.gif image by bams704..

music title: Just Stand Up

I just hope they would become real friends and hang out when they grow up, even if they won't be in the same school



I would like to THANK Mommy Willa, the Smart Mommy for nominating this Blog to Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009.
Sobrang nakakatuwa na meron pala nakaka-appreciate ng aking munting blog tungkol sa anak ko.

THANKS SO MUCH Mommy Willa and to all the visitors of Azumi


  1. wow me bestfriend na~ =0 eheheh ANK KO WALNG BESTFRIEND kasi lagi nangaaway ahahaha
    salamat sa dalw ha...anu b nakakatuwa sa post ko ikaw ha...pinagtatawanan mo rong grmmars ko eheheheh =) salamat sa dalw ha =)

  2. Hi Mommy!ang cute din ng playmate ng angel mo :) Btw, I have a Friendship Chain for you...

  3. eehheheh =) ikaw nmn nagbibiro lng ako eheheh =) nweis salmat at na appreciate mo ang posts ko eheheh =) uu parang chumuchika lng ako sa blog ehhehe =) gawa k n phtobook =0 gusto mo ako gawa for you eheheh mura lng talent fee ko ehehhe

  4. re nomination: you are most welcome and you certainly deserved it!

    cute naman ng eyes ni BFF. :)

  5. sis cute naman my bestfriend na kaagad c baby.
    sobra napapanood ko yun video ni baby mo kakatuwa yun tawa niya. napaka jolly niya.

    habang natawa siya yun baby ko pinapanood siya.


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