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Eversince our lil kawaii princess turned 7months, she spontanously keeps on discovering a lot of new skills . Luckily, Yours Truly has documented it all, just didn't have time to post some of the funny skills. There are always great surprises almost every week . There were imperfect moments from time to time though, but she's totally an amazingly sweet baby . I chuckled to myself sometimes whenever I think of the funny things she did , the way she plays with her Grandma's dog, her comically standing up routine, her running style with her walker, her baby talks, the way she entertains everybody with her "talents", even with the strangers... She can even carry a tune, she sings out of blue .

She has learned to communicate alot and keeps on improving everyday.. I thank God for her being a baby with full of life and spirit. She always can have us laughing hysterically.

This week, She finally perfectly pulled herself up to stand. Although she has been already trying during her 6-8 months, but I deter her from doing it, thinking her bones were still soft .

ANYWAYS... I was thinking about changing my domain since Im having trouble logging in to's cpanel. It will expire next month and yet still haven't received any email notification from google/blogger team. Im not really familiar with domain renewals in blogger. I think they suck when it comes to this coz I read alot of bloggers who have the same sentiments.

I was also considering changing to WP but then I realized that blogger is a better platform for my babyblog since it has features that WP doesn't have, I also don't have to back up. AT SYEMPRE, most of the nice OL mommies that I met, are from here

I'll let you know...Timingly, I'll be having thanksgiving giveaways, still deciding about the mechanics.. WATCH OUT.

(before I end this post)

Ok I got PMs asking me about my cute smilies and icons. If you want to have these, visit Sexy Jay's Blog (i call her sexy, ganda at sexy kasi eh) and look for the Smilies menu. If you're using blogger platform, you may save it and host it to image hosting sites such as photobucket and imageshack since there are no plugins for smilies in blogger kaya use it manually =) Just don't forget to put credits on your sidebar or footer (bloggers' etiquette) or wherever visible on the main page =) no direct linking.

SOme icons that I use were directly uploaded from my cellphone.

Here are some smiley links that I use
Free Smileys
Japanese Emoticons

Thanks for the compliments et all Happy Blogging

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  1. Wow the cutie lil dolly of yours started to stand na..congrats ! Ivisited here last night kaso di ko nakita mga pics so I decided to come back later...Wow she seemed to enjoy her standing exploration..Nice knowing you and Anzu Bambie..I learned a lot from you and from baby Anzu..he..he..

    BTW thanks sa mga emoticons and referring me to site's..At my footer nandoon yong credit due for her..Thanks a million...:)Thanks din sa visit...

  2. hello tabaching ching na si anzu kakagigil sarap kagatin ang pitso hahahahha.
    sayang naman kung mageexpire yun blog mo.

  3. and you are so lucky to capture the moment of your kids...maybe becoz you are so blessed to have a wonderful life and a happy family happy for you sis...

  4. momsie... for safety please do back up.. in any moment pwede sia mawala if something came up with der server. and if your domain expires probably mawala ang url and so there is any chance that nobody can access this site aswell.

    best advice please do have your back up here's how

    1. log in to ur dashboard
    2. click settings
    3. basic tab there is import and export thing
    4. click export
    5. waith for it to finish

    mkahirap na mawala andito lahat ng milestones ni anzu. let me know if u need more help. mwahs.

  5. I think Azumi is one of the most photographed babies in the world!

    dami niyang pics!!! I like watching her mala-longganiza arms and legs! ang cute!!! ang likot na niya!

  6. Ang galing ng balance ni Anzu!!Parang naging anak ko na rin cya kasi palagi ko ring nakikita ang mga milestones nya!!\(^0^)/Thanks for sharing her milestones to us,nakakatuwa talaga ang lil princess mo!^_^

    Sayang naman kung mage-expire ang blog mo dito--please update us kung merong pagbabago on your domain ha!!

    I'll check on the linkies--wala akong masyadong alam dyan eh...

  7. she is so cute, hubby hope my next baby is gal :)

  8. haha so cute, i often read "kawaii".. what is mean?

  9. @ ipiet thanks for dropping by =) kawaii is a japanese word which means lovely or cute =)

  10. Oh my gosh!! What a beauty!! Kakainngit sana ako rin magka baby girl...

  11. Ang cute cute!!!NAkakamiss tuloy ang may baby sa bahay at ang likot likot na nya,natakot ako baka kako mahulog habang pinapanood ko.


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