Play Time

Because she's still a baby, it's always playing time when she's awake. I just love seeing that gummy grinny smile that's why I always play with her . Whatever we do, may it just making faces or exaggerated tones, she laughs outloud .Siguro kaya smiling face si Baby kasi sinanay ko na sya tumawa . But I guess her favorite playmate is her Dad because you know how Daddys are good in playing with kids .

I also let her play on her own and there I grab the chance to do my things even for not-so short time. BUT STILL with supervision especially now that my lil dolly is so curious that she gets into everything that amuses her . Eversince, I give her "alone time" even for a short time in a day. I believe that babies need that to gradually understand their independency. The result is so healthy that we never had issues of her wanting to be held all the time. There's even a time that we're the ones who insist to hold her

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  1. super cute talaga sya!!! :D

  2. yeah i agree with's advisable to let our baby play sometimes on their own to develop independence..

    cutie naman ng mga pics...

    mine is here:

    Our Adventures Together/
    Her and History
    Tasty Exploration

  3. Playing with kids is always fun--it brings the youth in you! I also do believe na magaling maglaro ang mga Daddy--paborito silang kalaro ng mga bata di bah?^_^Ang dami talagang pics ni Anzu!!Di nakakasawang tingnan!!\(^0^)/

  4. *blog hop*
    I completely agree na lalaking smiling face or happy baby ang bata kapag sinanay na tumawa - that was my experience with my little girl though i'm her favorite playmate :) but I'm also the camera person kaya walang naccapture na mommy moments
    gaganda ng pictures nya with family.

  5. she's so lovely and pretty..

  6. hi there momma bams thanks for grabbing my button although I haven't seen it...

    ur baby is so beautiful like u of course...nice meeting u here...

    God Bless!

  7. super cute talaga ni bebe azumi.
    momma bambie

  8. Azumi is soo lucky to have you as wonderful parents! Thank you so much for the visit, Mama bams! till next MM!

  9. I love the photos! you have one cute little angel. I love it everytime I hear a baby just can't explain the feeling :)

  10. You're absolutely right!I agree w/ you too.Keep it up & I love the photos of your baby in here specially yung may ribbon syang pink sa head nya,sooooooo cute!:)

    Thanks for the boost sa eldest ko,pasensya ka na mis-understand mo yung post ko sa purikura ng eldest ko & her fiance Jun,actually puro girls ang ang kids ko walang boys hehe, I read again may post dun sa "Clarissa Asked ME"..magulo nga yung explanation ko kaya binago ko agad hehe sorry for that.Thanks for the visit.Korekara mo yoroshiku onegai wo itashimasu.:D Jya!

  11. uy d ko nadalaw to ah ehehhe na late n ko ehhehe sa pagdalaw sa mm entry mo ehehhe nweis thnks dn sa dalaw sa new site ng ank ko ehhee. ang pinaka active ko tlg ais my little angels, ung mga sa anak ko kahit walng dumalaw ok lng kasi parang diary lng nmn nila yun ehehhe pero naglalagay dn ako ng blogroll yung pang kids lng, ung sayu naka add k sa princess ishi's diary eh, ilalagay dn kita sa site ng son ko ehehhe =_)


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