2 months to go....

WOW my kawaii princess is 10 months already? That definitely seems like some sort of a landmark age ... Two more months to go til the big day . I was really hopeful to celebrate her 1st birthday with our huge number of loveones and friends in PI , but then Honey and I agreed to have it here instead since there would be lots of things to consider, plus the preparations, before we can have our lil girl's first travel trip. Crossing my fingers for our Christmas Vacation in PI .

Well anyway, Happy 10 months my baby girl. Look at you, we've come a long way since 10 months.

Your bones are much stronger that's why you got a reason why you're pre-occupying yourself so much with standing this past few weeks. You're doing just great but please, if you could try to be more patient with seating in your child seat during our Joyrides i'd be grateful. You always want to stand right behind your Papa while he's driving, and grabbing his hair--abunaiyo! bad baby! NONETHELESS, those cute little chubby legs and feet do such a good job while holding your lil body steady. Take it slowly baby..

You're becoming less of a grinny gummy smiling baby because another tooth has emerged just few days ago... Looking forward to see more of that beautiful big smile with those pearly white teeth in the coming weeks, months, or years.

SIGH! You're living healthy for almost a year, and that is something to be celebrated . We did but this month, there was no cake nor sparkling wine for me and your papa lol. We took you to a Matsuri (Japanese Festival) instead, wearing your YUkata dress, and there, you obviously did enjoyed watching different parades of old and young people. I think you were mainly amazed by the dancing crowds. It was just too bad that I forgot to charge our digicam, so clumsy of me. To think that was your first Matsuri.... We dont have photos but still, we got memories. I dont think you would remember though...

Eversince you came, Life has been more colorful than ever. We made it this far, and we're doing good. We have some imperfect times lately but we're figuring it out together. We couldn't have expected how much we would have this kind of happiness and joy in these last 10 months...

Watching you grow is so much enjoyable and fun — on our way to one year!


  1. wow ang bilis naman ng pag laki.. i miss her gummsy smile.. btw before the binyag let me know ha para padala ko ung promise ko.. mwahs

  2. wow 2 months to go birthday na ng cutie baby mo advance happy bday baby girl

  3. is anzu 10 months already? look at how fast time flies! soon she'll be crawling and walking all over the house na bams. Happy 10 months sweetie anzu! you have come a long way indeed!

  4. wow! the big day is only 2 months away!! she's getting bigger and prettier everyday!

  5. Happy 10 months pala kay baby Azumi...malapit na bday ng babies natin..he..he...I see her teeth na..ganoon yon sunod sunod na ang tubo ng teeth..

    about the rubber mat, Hyzyd tried to remove the letters but he couldn't..he..he...

  6. Oh this post really touched me sis.. It is indeed a joy to see ur princess growing up so fast. If we could only let them be babies for longer but they cant stop growing.. Princess Azumi is so pretty like Pretty Mama Bams..

  7. Konnichiwa! Your daughter is so cute! They grow so fast. Soon enough she'll be walking and talking non-stop! Advanced Happy Birthday!

  8. balik ako dito mommy bams, just grabbing your link to put in my baby blog

  9. sweet ng smile mo lagi azumi.
    cute cute kakagigil.
    malapit na rin ikaw mag 1 year .
    hahabulan na rin kau ni mommy sa labas heheh.

  10. Weeee!!Ang bilis talaga ang paglaki ni lil Anzu!!You've come a long way indeed!!Excited na rin ako sa paglaki mo!! (ibig sabihin nun,habang lumalaki si lil Anzu, nagiging obachang naman ako lol!!)Happy 10 months!!!^_^


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