Baby Food

What could be more rewarding is preparing a healthy home made food for my baby. Not only it can save you a bundle but it's easier than it sounds.

You don't need to be a great cook.. just grab any healthy ingredients like veggies from a grocery (or from your ref), either boil or steam them, and plug in your blender or grinder, that's it!

This is how I usually prepare my baby food for my 10 months old little girl since she was 6 months.

*steaming the ingredients such as veggies (you may also boil them, but not too long)
* puree
*mixed with Rice Porridge
* sometimes I add Furikake for addtional flavor.

SO HERE'S a healthy dinner....


for our little Anzu....

By the way, Im using Magic bullet for months now and it has been a great help to make a fine purees.

Making a healthy baby food is simple and satisfying for you and your baby because you know what your baby is eating, none of the preservatives or dreaded fillers which are commonly found in commercial baby foods. (although I admit serving one sometimes when we're out )

Anyway, click here
for yummier foods that are for kids and adults...

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  1. wow sarap naman ngg food ni azumi.
    galing galing ni momma bamz buti ka pa di ka tamarin sa pag luluto ng food ni bebe.

  2. I agree! Homemade food are better and tastier. Great job. I'm sure your baby loves it.

  3. Another great milestone for your li'l princess.I love her last photo. :)

  4. galing naman you do all those work for your baby's food. I am lucky because Andrea prefer chunkier food compared to pureed. Perhaps because even when she was newborn the hosp already give her cereal so madali syang nag advance sa kanyang food intake... ngayon kung ano kinakain ko yon na rin kinakain nya....

  5. looks like she's enjoying her pureed food!

  6. sipag mo naman bambie. ako pinapakain ko kay freya oatmeal tapos bumili ako ng puree fruits or veggies tapos hinahalo ko na lang at kapag sobrang tamad ako bumili talaga ako food for toddler a lil expensive but save time. nasasayangan kasi ako sa gulay hindi nya nauubos. madali kasi magsawa. wala kasing isahan na item dito eh. pag bibili gulay madamihan ang bundle so ayun nabubulok lang kaya nasasayang ako. ano yan carrots? or papaya?

    mukang yummy ah :)

  7. ay may preservatives commercial baby foods dyan? dito bawal lahat ng baby foods na mabibili mo is no preservatives added.

  8. Thanks =)

    lol basta baby food, masipag ako kasi super easy lang eh, mas tinatamad ako magluto ng ulam namin... ngayon lang naman ito kaya i-career na, in few months super solid foods na talaga pagkain nila diba. Gusto ko lang sanayin pakainin ng veggies para di magselan paglaki, never kasi ako kumakain ng veggies nun eh pati dad nya.

    @ ate lulu
    wow never heard about cereals for newborn,iba yata dito.. sana magaya din si Anzu kay lil Andrea na di maselan sa food. Dami ko kasi kilala na nagseselan sa food pag toddler na.

    @ Scarty
    no preservatives din baby foods dito kaya paminsan din pakain ko sya lalo na pag nasa labas kami. Baka lang yung ibang country may preservatives, not sure though... eto lang kasi work ko for now, babysitter lol kaya sipag ako hehe. tamad ako sa pagluto ng food namin

  9. that is so great! healthy for your baby.

  10. Mami Bams,

    Andrea has reflux so she has to take milk with cereals in it...

    I am really lucky coz Andrea eats filipino and american food... sanayin mo lang sa azumi... I am sure madali lang yan...

    BTW, Here's my entry

  11. this is very healthy, way to go mommy bams! anzu will grow strong and healthy.

  12. The baby just loves her food. So cute! I remember my daughter gobbling on mashed carrots, potatoes and squash. She grew up loving them.

  13. I like how you prepare foods for Azumi chan.Very nutritios.Ako naman as much as possible I don't prepare an instant or frozen foods for my kiddos specially when it comes to their baons.

  14. kaya pala healty ang baby parati

    my entry is here

    Great day for us Food Weekenders:)

    Thanx for the Visit :)

  15. Wow good work, Mommy! Healthy food is the way to go for babies really. =P~


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