Good Mawnings

I never thought that I could really love and appeciate Mornings even more ... Alot of times, my baby wakes up so early Sometimes she's sleepin in until 8:30. Kinda weird internal clock I already gave up on tricking her to lay down on the bed again for few minutes of sleep and let her toys on the floor and on the foot of our bed do the distractions while catching up for few minutes of sleep.

But lately, like today, my baby tries to wake us up by her sweet gestures. She plays with my hair. Im not really sure if she's playing with it or staring or could be just being fascinated but I assume that is her way of "wake up mom..". She does the same with her dad, although she pulls his short hair instead, and pinches his nose. She giggles when we say our first greeting "good morning baby". We never fail to say Good Morning or Ohayo even if her Dad is still sleepy

Azumi being so extra sweet is what I love most in the mornings. SHe has become more showy since this month . She tries to hug but seems to havent figured out how, she just leans on our chests. She kisses with her mouth open Such a darling who will automatically give you her priceless big as soon as you catch eyes. A gesture that starts and end our day positively .

Isn’t it funny that once you become a parent, not waking up until the 8 o’clock AM is considered sleeping in? Gosh, I really need to start going to bed earlier. But it's hard. I was always a night person, as well as hubby. My sleeping routine really sucks I usually falls asleep around 1 to 1:30am and gets up when my baby wakes up . I could sleep 8 hours straight if only I choose to lay down earlier than I do. I seriously need to fix this before I regret it. You know, it's healthier to sleep early and stay asleep aleast 7-8 hours. Not only can prevent cancer but also a simple healthy tip for anti-aging..GEESH

Anyway, my lil girl just keep on growing, changing and improving all the time. Ok I know I always say these, but what kind of Mom I am if I don't brag a little LOL . I'm not really bragging though. As all babies are getting better and better by the day. And we’re one of those proud parents who's having a blast watching their babies learn and discover things on their own.

Before I end this, I'd like to thank my pretty ol friend Mica for the domain ( she gave to my kawaii princess'Mini Scrap Blog
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  1. Ohayo Bams!
    Every mom always brag when it comes to their kiddos,grin!I love reading this post,it brings back my kids memories during their very youngest times.I just can't help keep on imagining Anzu chans gestures while reading this & starts giggling out here.She's really cute & darling.
    Btw,thank you always Bams,you never fail kept on visiting my page while'm gone & left me good words & 'm really greateful for that.And 'm already done w/ the Tag you gave me & I have a Tag for you in return here...
    'm looking forward to see you grabbing it on my page.A huge thanks in advance & please give my warmest hugs & kisses to Anzu chan.
    Kakagigil ang baby!!Big grin!
    Itsumo kiwotsukete ne:)Jya!:D

  2. Awww!!Sobrang playful na talaga ngayon ni Anzu!!Abot hanggang dito sa Fukushima ang giggles nya!!\(^0^)/ For sure,she will be walking without support before birthday nya!!I'm excited to see her growing up,too!!She made me smile,as in always!!^_^

  3. She's really adorable mommy! Kisses and hugs from our little ones are really precious for us moms :)

    Re: Tayong Dalawa - Totoo mommy nakakastress hahaha... nnakakabitin!

    I am grabbing your badge and adding your link to my list too. I hope you can also add mine :)

    Thanks and God Bless.

  4. oh my gosh...she's gotten so big and beautiful.....:) wow, at least she's not cranky like other kids when they wake up in the morning...what a happy baby!

    Woi, Mami Bams, thanks a lot sa bday greeting ha...touch naman ako....actually bukas pa bday ko dito....thanks again sa greetings....:) ingat!

  5. hi! hisashiburi sa blog ni kawaii azumichan.
    yeah mommy bamz sa umaga ang ganda ng gising natin mga mommies pag si baby ang nagising o nakikita natin.
    parang laging bago ang araw at walang problema.

    ang sweet naman ni azumi sa parents niya paglaki niyan mabait na bata.
    ingat din mommy bamz sa influenza tokyo pa naman kau maraming tao.

    tiis muna sa gala hehehehe

  6. Awww...she's getting bigger and sweeter...

  7. She look so good with all the color Bams!


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