We call her Okasan (which literally means Mother) when we should be calling her Obasan (grandmother). She is actually my Mom's mother in law. I met her 10 years ago, when Mom brought us here for the first time during our summer vacation. She is one of the most respected person in our city that's why I didn't know how to approach her. For so many years, I was always nervous when she's around. We never had real conversation, not until I introduced my hubby (who was my bf yet at that time) to my Stepdad. LONG STORY... It's just amazing how fate took its own course. I never thought that she would become a big part of our lives. Just seriously thinking about it makes me think that life is indeed full of surprises.

Anyway, when I was pregnant, she would always stop by to our house with her dog Haru Chan. We talk about anything. I just love listening to her, she has lots of stories to tell, lots of experiences to share. I learned alot from her. She treats me like her own grand daughter (coz she never had, only grandsons). She brought cooked healthy foods many times for me to eat. She was one of the most excited persons to see our little girl. She even made a "gatchilyo" blanket for Anzu, which really touched my heart. I was acually teary eyed when she handed it to me. How could she do that when she was busy running her school. She chose yellow because she wasn't sure if its a boy or a girl. It took her almost 4 months to finish it, made with love indeed.

Sadly, just few months ago, she got weak, i mean physically, due to old age I think. She can't walk or stand longer coz of backpains. She's not sick at all, but her bones are weak. Even if she doesn't ask me, I go to her house almost everyday to help her in any way I can even for just an hour or two. It's just natural for me to care for her. It makes me feel good to see her being relief. Sometimes, I take Anzu with me and I see a big smile on her face which makes her dog cries outloud because he's jealous (i swear..)

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  1. great relationship! :D thanks for sharing it with us...

  2. nice story ... thanks for sharing!

  3. You're so lucky to have a such kawaii obachan---she's so sweet and loving obachan!Minsan lang ang ganyang mabait na obachan dito lalo na sa ating mga Pilipina.Matagal ako bago tinanggap bilang member ng family nila--marami kasing pinay dati na pag nakapangasawa at nakapunta na ng Japan,nilalayasan ang asawa kaya akala ganun din ako.Pero hindi na ngayon--I'm glad na nagbago na rin ang pakikitungo ni Obachan sa akin!^_^
    You're so blessed!!God bless her!!^_^

  4. I agree w/ Mommy Clarissa Mommy Bams.You're so Blessed for having such a dear okasan.And sadly she's not that strong enough to play w/ Anzu chan.Just keep it up Mommy Bams,continue doing good things to her.She'll never forget that for the rest of her life.
    Btw,thank you so much for droppin' some line & visits me 'though 'm not around.I'll be home on the 15th after our camping.Hope you'll enjoy your summer too.Oyasumi!

  5. i'm sure she loves your company too!

    mine's up also.


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