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my kawaii princess when she was barely 2 months

What's with the name Angela Azumi

When we were still dating, sometimes Honey would jokingly tell me that if ever we'll gonna have a baby girl, he would name her Angela. Why of all the names. He just finds it attractive. While me, I was thinking of a different name, two names (i wont tell). An english and a Japanese.

When we got married, we would always dream about having babies around the house. Just deciding about our babies' names was a real fun for us. He still sticked with Angela if ever its a girl.

I actually didn't like it at first because I already have a friend and a cousin who has the same name. But then, if honey likes, why not. Angela is like a little angel.

WHat about Azumi We were deciding a japanese name that won't confuse our friends and relatives who's not residing in Japan. You know most of japanese names may sound weird if you're not really familiar with. We thought Azumi would be a great name and my friends and family like it. There's also a manga character which is named after it. She's a beautiful ninja (who was raised to have an assassin mission), i don't actually know the story yet but for sure there's a great twist in the end...


Did you know that even at the last minute before we register our babe's name in the Municipal hall we were still confused and undecided between Kanon and Azumi... It was such a big decision and we were really torned .

Our family here approves Kanon more because it has a nice Kanji character and meaning, which means the sound of the flower. Honey thought it perfectly blends with their family name, Takeshita, when put together, it will mean the harmoniuous sound of a flower under the bamboo tree...

TORNED. Lord give me a sign

WHile I was watching video clips from my cellphone, I had several clips in which Honey talks to my tummy when I was pregnant. There were clips when he calls her Azumi, she kicks hard...

So there, it's always been AZUMI eversince...Honey chose it to be written as あず which means beautiful

Angela would be her christian name. We're planning to have her Christening late this year, in the PI (still crossing fingers because of my honey's busy schedule).

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  1. ang cute ng name =) i love azumi ang cute hehehe =) salamat nga pla sa dalaw =)

  2. buti na lang you chose Azumi, i think its a pretty and very girly name.

    Happy Momi Moments, check out my daughter's name too.

    me,myself and darly

  3. Oh how I love your story sis.. Azumi is a beautiful name, and that ninja girl is beautiful.. your girl would surely grow to be a beautiful fearless princess warrior..=)

  4. Maganda ang mixture ng English and Japanese name ni Azumi. Bagay sa cute little face niya. :-)

    Have a pleasant weekend! :-)

  5. and yon naman pala ang story behind the beautiful name..buti na lang nag watch ka ng video sa celfone mo at least nakita mo talaga yung sign...nice name sis...

  6. Angela just sounds so soothing to the ears. And Azumi is a perfect match.

  7. Her name is just perfect, because she is such a beautiful angel. :)

  8. I love Azumi more than Kanon, parang royalty ang dating sa japanese blood hehehe..

    My Entry is here

  9. i already send you my email add..in case di mo nareceive ito: genefaith@yahoo.com..Thanks ha..

    Cutie name ni Azumi may Angela palang nakakabit..perfect combination..Thanks sa visit and nice comments...

  10. I like the Azumi part... and it blends well with Angela Azumi...

  11. nice name! i watched that japanese movie AZUMI.. shes real cute!

  12. Well, I believe that Angela Azumi is a pretty name. Congratulations, by the way. :)

  13. I love the name Kanon for baby girls but I love your lil princess name the most Azumi chan .I remember Ueto Aya dun sa movie nya na Azumi.
    Bihirang bihira ko lang marinig ang name yan & Azumi chan's name fits to her.Have a great weekend Bambie!:)
    Hugs & kisses to Azumi chan!:D

  14. She is a definite angel...and that is close to her name Angie.

  15. She's such a beautiful baby. Azumi is a unique name. Really nice. ;)

  16. aw now i know why its azumi :) nice name.. bagay sa knya angela.. she looks like an angel eh :)

    thanks for sharing ur story ganda!


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