Just Can't Get Enough

It's been awhile dearies .. Been pre-occupied with a lot of things, family affairs specifically . Aside from that, I recently created a mini-blog of our lil dolly, which made me even busier. JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH

How's our little Azumi?
She is all kinds of fun these days . I think I always say that everytime. Anzu being 9 months is the best month yet. SHe began to interact so much especially with the other kids, may it be strangers or the kids she knows. Seems to show more an exciting reaction when seeing them. She now can stand up although still holding something for support and keep on practicing by herself even during bedtime. It's hard for her to sleep early nowadays because she's so energetic , she plays around like peek-a-boo , and just can't help but to play back when we hear her giggling. She's got her way of telling us "come on play with me" ... Im really having hard time getting back on to her sleeping time routine which was 9pm. She keeps on moving even when the lights are turned off ---

She's over with the teething discomfort. It only took days but I think it will happen again when the other teeth start to erupt

As of August 1, 2009, our lil girl weighs 8.97 kg (from the previous 8.55kg) and 72 cm in height (from being 69cm) I can no longer use the Baby Carrier because of the back pain I get after few minutes of carrying her. SHE'S so heavy  

ANYWHOO, Here I'd like to share a funny video of our little girl and her cutie cousin, Ryukun. It's really amazing how time flies with us. Wasn't only yesterday that Ryukun was just a little cutie yummy baby, crawling around all over the place, sucking a pacifier? NOw he is already a full kid who is playing around with his baby cousin? Same sentiments with my girl , she was just an infant then, just looking around while lying on her bed... Look at how she makes "pa-cute" to her Kuya...

I'm really getting more serious on baby blogging, it has already become a hobby and seems to be an obsession. I guess that's because I don't have anything to share (atleast for now) except the joy and the wonderful experiences of being a first time Parent, no matter how stressful and pressured it is sometimes.


  1. si baby din namin ayaw matulog ng usual na 9 pm nya...very energetic pa kaya di na ako nakablog sa gabi..he..he...

    mas heavy at taller baby mo kesa Hyzyd..naku time flies so fast talaga...my baby is turning into a boy! tapos into a man na! Oh no......he..he...

    Kiss nalang tsaka hugs mo ko k Anzu..super cutie cute cute nya...

  2. napaka cute ni azumi chan,ang bibo naman ni bebe boi cute nila tignan,napapatawa niya si azumi nakakagigil marunong magpacute si azumi chan pakagat nga hmmmm

  3. your li'l princes is getting bigger and bigger everyday! :0

  4. Hi Bams...ang laki na ni Baby Anzu, ang bilis ng panahon noh?parang kailan lang ang liit liit pa nila di malikot..pero nakakatuwa cla habang lumalaki, c baby ko din naku sobra ang likot...

  5. Naku Mommy, maya maya lang hahabol habulin mo na yan. Ang bilis lumaki ng mga baby. :)

  6. Buti wala kay lil Anzu yung stranger anxiety--wala akong napapansin na ganyan sa kanya.Mahirap nga talagang pag naka baby carrier ka pa although raku cya pag may ginagawa ka--ang bigat na nga talaga ni Anzu chan!!\(^0^)/

  7. My warmest hugs for little Azumi :)

  8. Bukas makalawa may dalaga ka na!Ang bilis no?Give my warmest hugs & kisses to Anzu chan too!
    'missed you!


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