Baby On the Phone

Our lil Anzu loves being on the phone nowadays. Her newly learned "baby on the phone" thingie is infectious. She gets everyone laughing, she could really say "hello" and as if she's talking someone on the other line.

There's so much things I dig about her. The way she says "Hi" while waving her hands when you approach her. She really knows when to say it. It's such a heart warming gesture especially whenever she hears the Bell Chants from our door, seems to know her Dad is home. When I ask her to call his papa, she says "papapapa". When asked to call her mama, she says "baba" and then "papapa" . Although there was a time she called me "mama" in the moment I least expected . Well baby, momma can wait, no rush. But still expecting lots of entertaining and exciting surprises from you in the coming days, weeks or months.


To my baby, Me and Your Papa are so glad to spend our days with you. We're honored and blessed to help you learn and discover things and watch you grow. !


  1. oh my gosh.....Anzu is such a cutie....oh my gulay! I really had a good laugh with your vid lil lady.....I'm so guys are so lucky to have her.....:)

    Daan din me dito Mami Ganda....thanks for the comment..salamat din for dropping by...:) ingat!

  2. hello cute azumichan !!!
    si yuina tawagan mo kasi same kau mahilig sa phone.kakagigil naman yan pata mo bebe.tarap tarap pisilin Lol!
    mommy bamz yun CM Lol?!.
    hugz nd kizzez muwahhhhh!!!

  3. You're baby is so adorable. I can't wait to see my baby talking like your baby. I'm happy to be here.. We could be friends sharing the same thing about our babies.

    Take care!

  4. Nice video mommy anyway I have a tag for you here

    Happy weekend :p

  5. Awww!!Nakakagigil talaga si Anzu!!Curious talaga cya sa phone eh noh?!Siguro gustong gusto nyang pindotin ang phone,masarap kasing laruin eh lalo na kung tumutunog!^_^

    re:Buti na lang merong event,kungdi wala kaming kakaining libre!Ako ang dapat makikikain sa inyo lol!!\(^0^)/

  6. The moment(s)Baby Anzu calls you Mama and her dad Papa is very heart warming. You will treasure it for a long time. :-)

    Baby on the phone. She's really cute. :-)

  7. ahahahah kikay na agad si ANzu, nagtetelebabad na hehehe...

    Bams yung email add ko nga pala is

    mwah, tulog na muna ang nanay dito hehehe..

    pakiiwan mo nga pala url nung isa mong blog sa comment section ko ha para maadd ko na din sa list ko

  8. Ahahaha!!TAwa ako ng tawa dito Mommy Bams while watching Azumi chans vlog,specially yung mg expressions nya.Ahahaha!!I really love this vlog!:D


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