When we bought our baby her own chair (which is attachable to dining tables), on the first few days, she refused to eat if she can't do it by herself . So I let her once and the mess she made was horrible. I guess 7 months is too early to let them eat by themselves . SO the technique I did was giving her separate spoon and baby plate, so to think she was eating by herself while I sneak a few bites in with her spoon that im holding . She's really cute though when she closes and opens her hands, trying to figure out that something sticky on her hands .

Eventually, she let us feed her again athough sometimes she grabs the spoon we're holding so I give it to her intead and use another spoon .

Our babies or toddlers may want to eat by themeselves, we should let them and enjoy this stage because it won't last long and we might be wanting it back .

Anyways, as babies love exploring so many things. Showing you oul lil kawaii princess' favorite part of ur house aside from our bedroom, the Kitchen .

timingly taken yesterday (7/30/2009)

Everyday is a learning experience. Eating, playing, exploring things, etc This stage tends to messy but it's part of our Mommy Journey to clean up ( and later teach them clean their own mess )

To all dear mommies out there, share your Mommy Moments with us every FRIDAY =)

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Eversince our lil kawaii princess turned 7months, she spontanously keeps on discovering a lot of new skills . Luckily, Yours Truly has documented it all, just didn't have time to post some of the funny skills. There are always great surprises almost every week . There were imperfect moments from time to time though, but she's totally an amazingly sweet baby . I chuckled to myself sometimes whenever I think of the funny things she did , the way she plays with her Grandma's dog, her comically standing up routine, her running style with her walker, her baby talks, the way she entertains everybody with her "talents", even with the strangers... She can even carry a tune, she sings out of blue .

She has learned to communicate alot and keeps on improving everyday.. I thank God for her being a baby with full of life and spirit. She always can have us laughing hysterically.

This week, She finally perfectly pulled herself up to stand. Although she has been already trying during her 6-8 months, but I deter her from doing it, thinking her bones were still soft .

ANYWAYS... I was thinking about changing my domain since Im having trouble logging in to labambita.com's cpanel. It will expire next month and yet still haven't received any email notification from google/blogger team. Im not really familiar with domain renewals in blogger. I think they suck when it comes to this coz I read alot of bloggers who have the same sentiments.

I was also considering changing to WP but then I realized that blogger is a better platform for my babyblog since it has features that WP doesn't have, I also don't have to back up. AT SYEMPRE, most of the nice OL mommies that I met, are from here

I'll let you know...Timingly, I'll be having thanksgiving giveaways, still deciding about the mechanics.. WATCH OUT.

(before I end this post)

Ok I got PMs asking me about my cute smilies and icons. If you want to have these, visit Sexy Jay's Blog (i call her sexy, ganda at sexy kasi eh) and look for the Smilies menu. If you're using blogger platform, you may save it and host it to image hosting sites such as photobucket and imageshack since there are no plugins for smilies in blogger kaya use it manually =) Just don't forget to put credits on your sidebar or footer (bloggers' etiquette) or wherever visible on the main page =) no direct linking.

SOme icons that I use were directly uploaded from my cellphone.

Here are some smiley links that I use
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Thanks for the compliments et all Happy Blogging

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Yipeee!! Our lil Anzu's gums are ready for a break. We finally felt the edges of our lil girl's first tooth . I guess this would explain her abnormal night's sleeps in the past few nights... she sleeps around 11pm from her usual 9pm .. Good thing she doesn't cry (yet)... she moves around our bed. She gets excited when we say "baby sleep!". Hyper talaga during sleeping time even if she's already sleepy. It takes 1-2 hours before she can really falls asleep . She has her own style of getting our attention when ignore her and pretent to be sleeping. She has really become so sweet lately. She hugs and kisses us with her widely open mouth ..

I hope she can bear the discomfort (if there is) in the coming days...

I guess all babies are different . Some cut their first tooth at around 6-7 months, some were younger than 4 months.

We first noticed our lil Anzu's lil pearly white tooth yesterday (7/23/2009).

She is 9 months 2 weeks and 1 day..

I actually had a little hard time on taking a shot of her first tooth. She said "NO".

Taken last July 23, 2009 Thursday Morning

YOSH! galing ni mommy magpicture...

Taken awhile ago, July 25 Friday Morning

Well I guess this month is the beginning of her journey to toddlerhood huhuhu ... im still in a tiny bit of denial. My lil kawaii baby is growing so fast SHe can now also stand ...

Nevertheless, Im still excited to witness more milestones until she become a whole toddler. Every parents love watching their child growing up right

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I wasn't much of a Pink Lover before , I never hate it, i just didnt like it . I thought it was so girly, soft et al. I always love dominant colors like blue, black and white. You won't see any pinky stuff in me, not until I got pregnant .

Unnoticeably, I started to get fascinated with Pink . I unintentionally bought clothes and stuffs in the shades of Pink, just thinking that they were look better in that color, not because I like pink . I only realized that I was actually beginning to like the color when we learned that our baby's gender is a girl ... kaya pala. All of a sudden, I was so fond of Pinks.. even my lil sister cant believe i was all over into pink kasi I even bought a pink laptop.

So there... You could just imagine how our home turned into a girly house, especially our room . All are coordinated with Pink, yellow and red . From curtains to carpet..... Honey would jokingly tell everybody that the only place that's left for him is the kitchen and the garage .

Of course, Anzu's things are all in girly colors.

Apparently, I realized that I should expose our lil girl with variety of colors, and eventually let her choose the color she really likes. Her closet are now coded with different colors. Pink, blue, black, white, orange, brown, lavander, and lately, there's green which i really never thought is cute kerokeroppiemoticon.

Well just take a look, baby girls could even be much prettier in green..

I guess my obsession with pink is now over.. ALthough I still like it, but I realized I love blue, black and white more.

So what is your favorite color?
Do you choose color for someone (e.t kids, hubby,bf?)?
What color you don't like?


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I actually don't know the exact words to describe what I felt when I received a surprise gift from my ol friend who's always been thoughtful and nice to me eversince . What more surprised me was the homemade goodies she made for us . Good timing that Honey was home when the package was delivered... it was a lazy sunny late afternoon ... She just doesnt know, we had such a great time opening the gift, Anzu was sooo makulit 本当に 楽しかった and we enjoyed the yummy Soy Cake and cookies until our midnight snack (as in ubos na). ANg sarap talaga, made with love kasi

THANK YOU MUCH Ate Clarissa, you don't know how you always inspire me
いつも ありがとう ございます。。 

I also witness another milestone when ANzu picked up the cookies from the floor while sitting

Im really looking forward to our first meeting. I dont know when but Im sure we will..