This is Anzu's play pen.. Lookie lookie, lots of mellow yellow shades. Honey got those Anpaman characters from pachinco lol. That little keyboard was given by her Granny last week and I think it's her current favorite toy.. My baby loves sounds and buttons.

WHat do you think about this? lol

Sorry baby for this Tigger get-up . She looks lovely though and the tail is just so cute . Photoshooting her with this cutie costume is kind of had to be done because Granny also bought this her last week. I might be giving it away coz I don't think she'll ever wear that again, Summer is soon to be finished---oh Hello AUTUMN..

Seriously, if you're interested and you don't mind that Anzu wore it once, atleast for this photoshoot only which lasted for an hour, contact me.. it's size 80, good for 6-18 months I think .


my kawaii princess when she was barely 2 months

What's with the name Angela Azumi

When we were still dating, sometimes Honey would jokingly tell me that if ever we'll gonna have a baby girl, he would name her Angela. Why of all the names. He just finds it attractive. While me, I was thinking of a different name, two names (i wont tell). An english and a Japanese.

When we got married, we would always dream about having babies around the house. Just deciding about our babies' names was a real fun for us. He still sticked with Angela if ever its a girl.

I actually didn't like it at first because I already have a friend and a cousin who has the same name. But then, if honey likes, why not. Angela is like a little angel.

WHat about Azumi We were deciding a japanese name that won't confuse our friends and relatives who's not residing in Japan. You know most of japanese names may sound weird if you're not really familiar with. We thought Azumi would be a great name and my friends and family like it. There's also a manga character which is named after it. She's a beautiful ninja (who was raised to have an assassin mission), i don't actually know the story yet but for sure there's a great twist in the end...


Did you know that even at the last minute before we register our babe's name in the Municipal hall we were still confused and undecided between Kanon and Azumi... It was such a big decision and we were really torned .

Our family here approves Kanon more because it has a nice Kanji character and meaning, which means the sound of the flower. Honey thought it perfectly blends with their family name, Takeshita, when put together, it will mean the harmoniuous sound of a flower under the bamboo tree...

TORNED. Lord give me a sign

WHile I was watching video clips from my cellphone, I had several clips in which Honey talks to my tummy when I was pregnant. There were clips when he calls her Azumi, she kicks hard...

So there, it's always been AZUMI eversince...Honey chose it to be written as あずįžŽ which means beautiful

Angela would be her christian name. We're planning to have her Christening late this year, in the PI (still crossing fingers because of my honey's busy schedule).

mommy moments

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What could be more rewarding is preparing a healthy home made food for my baby. Not only it can save you a bundle but it's easier than it sounds.

You don't need to be a great cook.. just grab any healthy ingredients like veggies from a grocery (or from your ref), either boil or steam them, and plug in your blender or grinder, that's it!

This is how I usually prepare my baby food for my 10 months old little girl since she was 6 months.

*steaming the ingredients such as veggies (you may also boil them, but not too long)
* puree
*mixed with Rice Porridge
* sometimes I add Furikake for addtional flavor.

SO HERE'S a healthy dinner....


for our little Anzu....

By the way, Im using Magic bullet for months now and it has been a great help to make a fine purees.

Making a healthy baby food is simple and satisfying for you and your baby because you know what your baby is eating, none of the preservatives or dreaded fillers which are commonly found in commercial baby foods. (although I admit serving one sometimes when we're out )

Anyway, click here
for yummier foods that are for kids and adults...

Also more baby foods Here



Ooopss.. I didn't mean about being a pale baby...

I came across to one of my fave blogmate's site and remembered that I already have "anything with yellow" photos which I could also share with. I've been wanting to join mellow yellow for quite some time now, and here is my first entry ...

My little kawaii baby with her yellow walker while doing her favorite hobby (i assume) which is cluttering . Isn't she cute with that yellow shirt which is a gift from my good ol friend, Clarissa .

I was supposed to blog about my lil baby's "Pool Moments" today, but unfortunately the resort which is The Summerland was overly crowded . There were no parkings available, but the guards guided us to another parking which is a kilometer away . NO WAY ! Nonetheless, we went back home instead and we're re-scheduling. Besides, my brother wasn't feeling well . He was having a diarrhea... what a day!


Our lil Anzu loves being on the phone nowadays. Her newly learned "baby on the phone" thingie is infectious. She gets everyone laughing, she could really say "hello" and as if she's talking someone on the other line.

There's so much things I dig about her. The way she says "Hi" while waving her hands when you approach her. She really knows when to say it. It's such a heart warming gesture especially whenever she hears the Bell Chants from our door, seems to know her Dad is home. When I ask her to call his papa, she says "papapapa". When asked to call her mama, she says "baba" and then "papapa" . Although there was a time she called me "mama" in the moment I least expected . Well baby, momma can wait, no rush. But still expecting lots of entertaining and exciting surprises from you in the coming days, weeks or months.


To my baby, Me and Your Papa are so glad to spend our days with you. We're honored and blessed to help you learn and discover things and watch you grow. !


I never thought that I could really love and appeciate Mornings even more ... Alot of times, my baby wakes up so early Sometimes she's sleepin in until 8:30. Kinda weird internal clock I already gave up on tricking her to lay down on the bed again for few minutes of sleep and let her toys on the floor and on the foot of our bed do the distractions while catching up for few minutes of sleep.

But lately, like today, my baby tries to wake us up by her sweet gestures. She plays with my hair. Im not really sure if she's playing with it or staring or could be just being fascinated but I assume that is her way of "wake up mom..". She does the same with her dad, although she pulls his short hair instead, and pinches his nose. She giggles when we say our first greeting "good morning baby". We never fail to say Good Morning or Ohayo even if her Dad is still sleepy

Azumi being so extra sweet is what I love most in the mornings. SHe has become more showy since this month . She tries to hug but seems to havent figured out how, she just leans on our chests. She kisses with her mouth open Such a darling who will automatically give you her priceless big as soon as you catch eyes. A gesture that starts and end our day positively .

Isn’t it funny that once you become a parent, not waking up until the 8 o’clock AM is considered sleeping in? Gosh, I really need to start going to bed earlier. But it's hard. I was always a night person, as well as hubby. My sleeping routine really sucks I usually falls asleep around 1 to 1:30am and gets up when my baby wakes up . I could sleep 8 hours straight if only I choose to lay down earlier than I do. I seriously need to fix this before I regret it. You know, it's healthier to sleep early and stay asleep aleast 7-8 hours. Not only can prevent cancer but also a simple healthy tip for anti-aging..GEESH

Anyway, my lil girl just keep on growing, changing and improving all the time. Ok I know I always say these, but what kind of Mom I am if I don't brag a little LOL . I'm not really bragging though. As all babies are getting better and better by the day. And we’re one of those proud parents who's having a blast watching their babies learn and discover things on their own.

Before I end this, I'd like to thank my pretty ol friend Mica for the domain (kawaii.info) she gave to my kawaii princess'Mini Scrap Blog
This is where I post my baby's daily highlights like her foods, things, etc. Updated almost everyday. Enjoy