Every morning is a blessing that's why I start the day with a positive intention. I give so much love whenever I prepare meals for my family, making it healthy and (hopefully) delicious.

Azumi's food is always prepared with extra effort to make it nice and cute.  But overall, the preparation is easy, no special instructions nor recipes.. Just make sure there's always fruits for side dish :)

Hope you get a healthy and cute food idea for your kid with this... (more here)

Pikachu Bento Style Breakfast

Pork bits + Peanut Butter Sandwich + Pikachu Kamaboko (pureed fish) + Grapes + Lychee Jelly + Tea

The Happy Little Girl

Making happy and healthy foods for my little girl has become my hobby. I can get a genuine satisfaction through it. It challenges my creativity in presenting it in a cute way that I get a pleasure whenever I see the excitement in Azumi's face when Im about to serve the food to her. It's easy to give our kids healthy food which they actually enjoy eating.

Have a happy meal always...

Anzu's Mum

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Gene said... [Reply to comment]

Pansin ko laging may jelly for dessert si Anzu. ma-try ko nga kay Una yan. Hindi ko ma-imagine lasa ng kamoboko though it looks cute. Hindi ba malangsa since it's fish? Oh, what's that on the star, parang stamp na peanut shape?

Luna Miranda said... [Reply to comment]

this a pretty breakfast, and creative, too.

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Jean said... [Reply to comment]

cute faces on the food!

Have a nice day! =)

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MommyandMatt said... [Reply to comment]

I would love to prepare such for my little boy. thanks for the idea!

Lyza said... [Reply to comment]

great foodie! Happy FTF!


rose said... [Reply to comment]

Sa ganda ng ,mga pagkaing inihahanda mo, no wonder Anzu loves it!

newlyweds said... [Reply to comment]


MommyLES said... [Reply to comment]

wow, this is so cute.


Pink MagaLine said... [Reply to comment]

I missed visiting your site sis. Minimal ang time ko to blog hop so sorry. Anyway, I am happy to see Anzy's pic. She is so cute. Ang nice ng preparation ng meal. Too cute to eat talaga lagi. Hihi.

Bogie said... [Reply to comment]

very cute :)

arvin said... [Reply to comment]

very good.......

Gene said... [Reply to comment]

hi bambie-chan! it's me again. just want to say I'm visiting from FTF.

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Mel Avila Alarilla said... [Reply to comment]

Yes, that was so cute and artistic, the way you prepare the food you serve to Anzu. There is a thrill of anticipation whenever she eats because she knows that the food she will be eating has been meticulously prepared by her loving mom. It also brings out the artistic side of you. Thanks for the cute post. God bless you all always.

Vera said... [Reply to comment]

Nakakagana naman kumain if the food is that cute :) Your daughter is so lucky to have you

jona said... [Reply to comment]

looks lovely and deli Bambie. thanks for your visit and comment at my blog. hey, bambie let me invite you to my new meme for couples Sweet Saturday. Check out the first post and linky. hope you can join. thanks :D

Anzu's Mum said... [Reply to comment]

Yes Mommy Jona.. Ill join when i have time :) Thank you

Anzu's Mum said... [Reply to comment]

Yes Sir.. parang naging hobby ko na rin pero one time, sa sobrang cute, hindi ginalaw ni Azumi food nya, yung dessert lang haha.. Thanks SIr Mel.

Mel Cole said... [Reply to comment]

Very creative ang paghanda mo sa pagkain ni Anzu. Thta's why she loves it :)

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