Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker

I'm quite not sure the exact term for this kawaii Hello Kitty tool, either sandwich maker or bread cutter.

Nevertheless, I bought this last month at Sanrio but haven't tried it yet. I'm planning to add this in the package that I'm going to send to my dear friend in Malaysia .

Isn't it cute? Kawaii ne ...
Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker / Bread Cutter
Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker / Bread Cutter (¥1,200)

Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker / Bread Cutter

You can make cute and yummy sandwiches with this cute Hello Kitty sandwich maker. Serve with afternoon cup of tea or coffee for adults, and fruit juices for kids

Anzu's Mum

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  1. naku im sure my girls would love that too!

    here's my pink entry:

  2. that is so cute! do they have panda shape? hahaha!

  3. Ayy ang cute nga sis. Btw, how much sya in peso? Hihi.

  4. That is very cute.. Ang bread cutter dito eh very simple ang design..

  5. ay ang cute naman nang hello kitty mold na yan. :)

  6. It is not only cute and useful for making gourmet sandwiches, it is also a collector's item. There are so many people here in the Philippines who are collecting Hello Kitty things and gadgets. I'm sure they would also love to get hold of that Hello Kitty sandwich maker. Thanks for the cute post. God bless you all always.

  7. Anzu's Mum4/03/2011 08:10:00 PM

    You're right Sir :) Mahilig din ba sa Hello Kitty ang daughter nyo? Ganda nga sana magcollect ng Hello kitty kaso medyo mahal naman hehe.. Thank you so much Sir Mel :)

  8. Anzu's Mum4/03/2011 09:12:00 PM

    You're back from Turkey?

    re: mga 500 pesos na rin.. medyo pricy talaga HK.

  9. Ang cute nyan ah, hehehe para lang siyang toy? Visiting you from blog list.

  10. Anzu's Mum4/03/2011 11:57:00 PM

    yes i think so kaso hindi na sa Sanrio yun... ill look around for it.

  11. ay so cute hope to find one here..

  12. that's really cute,Hello kitty's really perfect for lil girls!

  13. Still in Istanbul sis. Ay oo, medyo may kamahalan talaga sa HK, liban lang kung sale season. Hihi.

  14. Weee another hello kitty entry :) Kawaii desu! =^_^=

    Sorry for the delayed visit. Here's my Pink Fridays entry. Happy PF! ^_^

    Mars @ The Life Encounters


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