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I just couldn't help but drop by at Sanrio Store every Tuesday, after Azumi's Class. The store is located at the same floor where Azumi is having her weekly class, beside the store is a mini playground and the toilet for kids is just infront of it. SO where do you expect kids would love to stop by?

While I let Azumi play with other kids, I look around the Hello Kitty Store and as always, the shopaholic in me couldn't resist to have one of those cute Hello Kitty stuffs.

So here is my latest cuteness thrill for little Azumi...

Hello Kitty Travel Toothbrush and Hair brush

Hello Kitty Travel Toothbrush

Hello Kitty Travel Brush

It's convenient for me to have these travel goodies since we go out atleast 2-3 times a week. I love the Hello Kitty Travel toothbrush which consist of a matching toothpaste, toothbrush with a cap, and plastic case, and the 3 in 1 Hair brush consists of a comb, brush and a mirror. Perfect for kids going to school :)

I don't intend to have Hello Kitty Collection but I know my little Patootee would love this.

Anzu’s Mum

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  1. you're really a hello kitty lover, not so obvious with your stuffs..lol..thanks for the comment and for visiting..i also your new follower sis..;)

  2. hi tita bambs! :D
    Tahnks for dropping by!
    I love you all pink hello kitty stuff, I wish I could have some too (wink)! I have my blogs ever since but mom doesn't want it to join in memes, i dunno what comes to her and she decided to join my blog now :D

    hugs and kisses,

  3. awww.... they're all lovely.. buti kayo diyan kasi meron talaga kayong HK store... di pa fake..lol.. cute stuff..

  4. hello kitty stuffs are really pretty and cute..

    Don’t forget to visit My Pink Friday wink*

  5. Yeah right! All that is for Azumi kamo? You talaga. You will make up any reason just so you can rationalize your buying of Sanrio goodies. Pareho lang tayo. We're one and the same, Bams! Don't deny it. Hahaha! Peace sis! :D

  6. oh! that is so cute..very convenient to bring during travels.

    My Pink Entry

  7. i guess little azumi's hello kitty collection will soon be massive ;)
    very cute! happy PF!
    jared's little corner

  8. Yes, those are cute and practical Hello Kitty goodies which are perfect for your constant outdoor activities. It's great that you can avail of genuine Hello Kitty goodies there while most of us here just content ourselves with cheap counterfeit ones made in China. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  9. so cute naman and very convenient...naku the store will always "call" you to buy something lol

  10. Anzu's Mum4/09/2011 11:43:00 PM

    Haha you got it.. cute kasi eh, i wasnt much of a HK fan before pero parang like ko na sya, dami kasi line eh kaya sarap magcollect.

  11. Ang cute cute naman nang hello kitty collection mo. wish i could have one too. :) My Pink Fridays

  12. HK is really pretty & kikay too! My elder daughter has just replaced her old HK batt operated toothbrush ad it saddened her. Happy PF! Hope you can check out my entry too! Thanks!

  13. Visiting from Pink Fridays :) Happy weekend!
    My Pink
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    Shengkay Random Nest

  14. She must love those things, the colors are so attractive for the kids.

  15. ang cute naman kasi eh... :)

    PF65 #23

  16. That is very cute. But not only that but it gets the little ones to brush more. Not only their teeth but the hair also.I bet you both love it.

  17. cute stuff! I love Hello Kitty too.

  18. My daughter is into Heloo Kitty as well...Thanks for visiting my site and commenting on 'How Green Are You'...following you now


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