Mamu dear with our Sweet Baby

My lil dolly has become more of a sweet baby . She hugs you when you ask her. She loves to be cuddled. Such a sweet baby that's why her grannies just can't get enough of her, especially my Mom who prefers to be called as "Mamu"... what's wrong with being called "Lola"? lol.. This is the trend anyway.. i love you mom

Anyway, this may sound cliche but it's really true that we would never know how much we would ever appreciate our parents until we have a kid of our own. Lil Anzu is one lucky to have her generous and loving grandparents on her dad's side within under a half-hour drive from our home, and a cool and hip grandma who lives a few blocks away...

I can't wait for my Dad to see her first and only grandchild this year (hopefully). Still planning how to surprise him and our huge number of family in Philippines =) I know they are all waiting, not for me anymore... You know who


  1. hahahaa!!Ganyan din sa amin--wag daw kaming umuwi sa pinas kung di man lang namin daw dala ang mga bata lol!!

    Lil Anzu is so lucky to have a cool Mamu!!She looks young ha and the beauty runs talaga in the family!!^_^

    Sent another mail,Bambie!Take care!!^_^

  2. You're baby is so cute. I want to have a sweet baby someday. But I hope it's not anytime soon, I'm only 18. Haha :) But I really adore your little angel. And you're mom's very pretty ha. :) Hindi nga naman bagay tawaging lola. :))

  3. Beautiful child , very lovely , wish best moments with your child.

  4. korek si mami Clang...indeed the beauty runs in the family....:)

    so adorable naman ni Anzu...pretty soon she will be saying "I yab You"....just like Akesha is doing right sure it melts your hear mami Bamz....:)

    am sure that she is blessed.....sarap ng buhay ni Anzu....ehehhehe!

    woi uwi pala kau sa pinas? kelan ang uwi nyo mami dear...saya-saya ng lolo nito pag nakita nya ang maganda nyang apo....:)

    btw, thanks pala sa comment..nako korek..kakaloka din dito...mga subjs ko nga sa pinas d accredited dito....hay buhay....hehehhe....:)

    ano pala natapos mo sa pinas sis? the purpose of me going back to school is to get a career someday....kasi malapit na din si akesha mag start ng sure mababagot nanaman ako nito pag ako lang mag-isa sa bahay.

    I know...enjoy mo muna yung pagiging mami and wifey...lalo na na maliit pa si Anzu..take your time....:)

    sige napahaba ang daldal ko dito...thanks....kisses kay baby...:)

  5. Awww...those will be photos to treasure for a long time! You look so happy!

  6. i agree mamu looks so young and pretty! mami bams... i stopped existing since Andrea was born... everytime na tatawag ako sa pinas di na ako kinukumusta si andrea nalang... hehehe

  7. That's so precious :] Made me smile!

    Great pic for wordless wednesday!! :]

  8. awwww such sweet moment for her lola. Daddy ni JR ay patawag lolo kasi bata daw sya LOL. papa nalang daw hehe.

  9. how sweet! ganyan din mama ko at si jaden nung nasa pinas pa kami!!! huhuhuh i miss my mama!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I know how those grannies feel because this granny feels the exact same way

  11. ang ganda n mamu ni azumi.swerte ni azumi sana lumaki siyang masayahin

    miss narin namin si mama sana kasama namin siya.

  12. Hi Bambie,
    You are so blessed to have your sweet and adorable Anzu with you and to have your mamu coddle her to grannie's heart's content. Anzu is also blessed to have her grandparents on her father's side just living nearby. You must be always in cloud nine with your angel Anzu. And who would not be with such an adorable angel? I'm sure your father and the rest of your relatives in the Philippines must be so eager to see the angel Anzu. Thanks for your cute post. God bless you always.

  13. My mom doesn't want to be called lola too. She prefers to be called as nanay or mommy.

    Your mom is as pretty as you. Grabbed your badge, added you on my blog roll and subscribed too! Just check them.

    Have a great day!

  14. hahahah I love Dhemz's novel hahahaha... Tama sila beauty runs in the family talaga.. Tama si dhemz kakamelt talaga pag nakakapagsabi na ng three magic words.. si EJ nga "Alavu" ang sinasabi hehehe

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