Hello dearies

Ive been thinking since July on how can I give thanks to the regular readers of this blog . As much as I wanted to give something to all of you, my budget just couldn't lol. SO now I decided to host my very first give-away as a way of saying THANK YOU for watching my baby grow with us by visiting here. It has been long overdue. It's about time. My blog is a year old and months already, according to the purchased-date of my domain (August 2008) but only became seriously active on January.. Im actually surprised to realized that I have been active for months and posted over 100 posts already. That's indeed a great achievement for me coz I wasn't really into writing, and having a blog where I share some personal happenings in my life wasn't included in my list of interests then. Well everything just fell into place. I was pregnant, bummed, et al..

Anyway, to make my long story of how i started blogging short, blogging has become a part of my daily routine. Specifically, blogging about my little girl. Just can't get enough, I even made a mini-blog for her lol. Well, this is me (as for now). I enjoy documenting our journey together and share them to everyone. I never thought that we can also make real friends online.

Cutting this out, I'll be having Give-Away Contest soon. This is not to celebrate my blogbirth coz it's already late.. Just my way of Thanksgiving.

I am giving away......

creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 $25 worth of Gift Certificate for Shutterfly for 2 partcipants since Photobooks are now in. Im so thrilled to give them away. YOu can use it to create your own Photobook or Prints thru Shutterfly. I tell you, Ive already tried creating from them and couldn't be happier with the results. Good quality and the colors are vibrant plus it has a story board which would give you less time in editing.

creambunny_starb.gif image by bams704 A domain (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .name, .us) + 1 year free hosting

Sponsoring additional give-aways (in any form, cash,ec credits, ads, products, etc) are so much welcome. Becoming a Sponsor is the latest and affordable way to have exposure and gain more precious traffic... so if you're interested contact me atleast before Sept 19 =)

The Thanksgiving Giveaways starts on Sept 21.. =) ill be posting the full contest's details.

Generous sponsors may email me labambita@yahoo.com or Contact Me so we can keep in touch easily


edited: 9/17


Only those who email me will be considered sponsors. I should know your email of course to keep in touch.

Ad Space Sponsors should have a real Ad space for the winners, which is in the upper/center sidebar in main page.

25 kawaii thoughts:

Noreen said... [Reply to comment]

Gusto ko yan Shutterfly!!!! Pano ba sumali sa contest...teka ano ba contest? excited ako hahahha

Lulu said... [Reply to comment]

mami bams i can offer one month 125x125 ad space in all my blogs if you are interested....

genejosh said... [Reply to comment]

I could sponsor EC, is it OK?..I'll have to check first on how much I could give...I'm so grateful meeting you here online coz I learned a lot from you Mommy Bams and watching Anzu grow..Looking forward for your giveaway!

Bambie dear ★ said... [Reply to comment]

@ Noreen
"wala lang" contest lol.. post ko next week yung details =)

@ Lulu
Counted you IN ate... thank you so much.

Momma tez said... [Reply to comment]

Hi Bams! can i join? ha ha ha excited nako sumali, how to join ba?

Bambie dear ★ said... [Reply to comment]

@ genejosh
thanks dear =) ok na ok yun. Let me know by email ne..

@ momma test
thanks.. wait lang, post ko din pag finalize na

Jes said... [Reply to comment]

wow another give away contest =) i visited shutterfly na before..mukahng magnda nga sya kasi me mga characters pa kaso ang MAHAL!!! ehehhehe =0 kaya ok n ko sa artscow. Magnda dn nmn. sai kasi ng isang kakilala ko na try nya n dn ang shutterfly and compared to artscow mas affordble and ung qualty is magnda daw?? i dunno ha nde dn kao sure just confirming lang eheheh =) nweis sali ako sa contest mo. if evr mapanalunan ko shutterfly then malalaman ko kung magdna tlga ahahah! kasi kaya lng nmna ko nde nag ta try dun dhil nga namamahalan ako but if manalo ako ng gift cert n yan eh d mganda ahahahh! =) good day!

Mel Avila Alarilla said... [Reply to comment]

That's very nice of you to offer some rewards to your readers as recognition for their loyalty to your blog. Readers will patronize blogs that are sincere and unpretentious. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Seiko said... [Reply to comment]

Count me in Bams.I'll leave a message to you then.:D

scart said... [Reply to comment]

ay ako din mahilig photobooks. pini-print ko naman yung akin sa walgreens. goodluck sa mga sasali ha. ako din maghohost contest yun dapat ang paunang entry ko kaso as usual nauhan ng katamaran. sa dami dami kasing inaasiko online eh hayy. good luck bams. pag wala masyado gagawin sa contest mo sali ako hehehe.

darly said... [Reply to comment]

this is sooooo exciting, can't wait momma bams!!

Yami said... [Reply to comment]

Hi Bams, sige i'm offering an 125x125 ad space sa mom writes for a cause at sa yam's files sites ko for a month if ur interested. :)

thanks pala sa visit and congrats sa bagong project mo. :)

Bambie dear ★ said... [Reply to comment]

@ Jes
yeah mas mahal sa Artscow pero ganda ng quality and easy mag-edit kaya inuna ko tinry dito.. basta sali ka na lang, swerte ka pa nmn sa mga contest lol

@ kuya mel
thanks po =)

@ Seiko
ate much appreciated. Yorushiku =)

@ scart
lol sali ka, di naman mahirap papagawa ko

Dhemz said... [Reply to comment]

mami dear....good luck sa giveaways mo...me too...I can offer ads on my blogs(4) for 3 months....:)

Clarissa said... [Reply to comment]

Count me in,Bambie!!Ikaw pa!!\(^0^)/

sweet_shelo said... [Reply to comment]

Hi sis, wow mag anniversary ka na rin pala sis.. Tama ka nga, kasabayan lang pala tau.. yay!!!

Good luck for your thanksgiving giveaways sis.. I could sponsor EC sis... Will contact you soon..

Thanks for linking me sis. I have linked and grabbed ur banner na rin.. Mhuahh..

chubskulit said... [Reply to comment]

Pag photos ang pinaguusapan kasama ako dyan, click click hehehe..

Sige ads space for a month ang sakin...

cornyman said... [Reply to comment]


would like to sponsor 3.000 EC from All about babies and kids.

Contact me, if that's ok and what else we have to do!


Marice said... [Reply to comment]

wow! ill be waiting for this sis :)

christina said... [Reply to comment]

weeee! can't hardly wait to join! can I offer 125 x 125 ads space in my blogs?

more power!

All About My Life said... [Reply to comment]

hello sis...
gusto ko po magsponsor dito...
i emailed you already po...
good luck po sa contest....

Anna Monique ♥ said... [Reply to comment]

Hi. I want to offer my four 125x125 ad spots for 1 month at

I will email you after this :)

Anna Monique ♥ said... [Reply to comment]

Hi. I want to offer my four 125x125 ad spots for 1 month at

I will email you after this :)

Margot : PinayMom said... [Reply to comment]

check my email regarding sponsorships.


Bambie dear ★ said... [Reply to comment]

THANKS for all who considered sponsoring here. ALthough some didn't contacted me thru mail.. Anway, i'll be posting the details next week 9/22