I love this week's Mommy Moments' theme . I always love dressing up As every girls do . It just boosts self-esteem . My sister and I used to lock ourselves in our room, turn on the music aloud, and you know what's next... trying out clothes and shoes, put make ups et al nicole12-1.gif image by bams704.. I miss that hobby of ours. It was so much fun. I miss being younger lol (im 27 ughhh!)

I guess God has its own way of working our lives . When I planned to move here for good, i don't have my shopping partner anymore, the one whom i'd always ask which one is better and trust her answer.. the one i love dressing up with ANYTIME .. only when she's here, or I am there (PI)...

Thank God He gave us a baby girl whom I love soooo much love . SHe fills the lil emptiness in me .

Apparently, I love dressing her upl. I think I love it so much, that I don't spend enough time on myself in the mornings, and instead take my time preparing her bath and outfits, and sometimes I play the photographer and she's my model. How i wish her whispy hair grows faster (she still doesn't have much!) Anyway, in few months, I would be trying to disctract her and snap a tiny bow in her hair.

dressed up and costume pics (sorry no formal wear photos yet)

Time to show off your cute kids wearing their beautiful clothes.
Join us and see more beautiful kids dressed up Here

mommy moments

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sweet_shelo said... [Reply to comment]

Panalo ka talaga mommy bamz sa dressing up your azumi.. cute cute ng mga outfits nya.. You are your own fashionista when it comes to your princess ha..

Kero said... [Reply to comment]

wow! she is so kikay! i'mn sure she will grow up liking to dress up. i lurve the Christmas outfit ha?! Happy Friday!

Joops said... [Reply to comment]

Gorgeous Mom and Daughter tandem!

chubskulit said... [Reply to comment]

Hinihintay ko taaga entry mo because I know Anzu will have lots and lots of dress up moment hehehe. Love your poses too!

Chris said... [Reply to comment]

you have an adorable and cute kid talaga!!! :D very blessed... :D

Lulu said... [Reply to comment]

wow ganda talaga ni anzu mami bams... i also love dressing up Andrea... ganyan talaga ang mga nanay i think...

dhemz said... [Reply to comment]

oh my gulay...super bongga naman tong get ups nimo Anzu...so cute talaga...papisil sa cheeks...hehehhe!

salamat Mami Bamz sa dalaw at comment...yun palang nephew ni hubby is yung Mom nya is Mexican....tapos sila ni hubby may 1/4 na dugong spanish...kaya DIAS yung last name.....:)

mga inlaws ko is international...dalawa kaming Asian...yung isa is half Hawaiian-japenese, Nicaraguan, mexican, at hangurian...among hubby's bros dalawa lang yung naka pag asawa ng white...bale 8 sila na bros...namatay yung isa at d naka pag asawa....bale 14 sila lahat na siblings...hehehe!

napa chicka ata ako dito....:) have a great weekend...mwah!

Seiko said... [Reply to comment]

I enjoyed watching the slide show in here Bams.Ang daming pose & dress up ni Azumi chan & she's really cute & I can't help myself to giggle here.I even saw the hina dolls beside her & syempre ayaw patalo ni Mommy I saw it too!lol
Have a great weekend!Hugs & kisses to cute darling Azumi chan!:D

Willa said... [Reply to comment]

cutie overload mga attire ng iyong baby girl, pati ikaw din mommy, fashionistang fashionista ka, inggit ako, wala kasi akong sense of fashion eh!

Clarissa said... [Reply to comment]

Don't worry about Anzu's hair,it will grow long eventually.Sina Wakaba at Haruka nga eh ang tagal humaba ng buhok nila tapos ako nung baby eh kalbo pa lol!! I love her outfit and she's very well dressed like you--a fashionista!Kahit na ano ang suot sa kanya bagay!!^_^

Hooist,Bambie!!San nyo ihe-held ang 1st birday ni Azumi?Sa Pinas ba?

dhemz said... [Reply to comment]

dalaw me ulit dito mami ganda.....musta ang weekend nyo.....a quick visit...ingat!

KeiAnN said... [Reply to comment]

hi mommy bamz and azumi.
na miss ko ang blog mo.lahat ng damit mo bagay na bagay sayo.super cute mo .kakagigil napaka adorable bebe mo.mommy bamz habang tinitignan ko nga ng matagal si azumi parang nakikita ko noon bebe ka pa.

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