We love peaches, yes we do...

Just one of the days where me and my little kawaii dollie were eating our favorite fruit, peaches. She can even finish 1 in less than 30 mins.. But yeah, i don't let her eat the whole peach, I just unintentionally let her once coz i was also busy eating mine... Thank God she didn't felt anything wrong afterwards, just a satisfied full baby.

I actually have kind of love it only lately... didn't know that it's so gloriously delicious.. It has officially became our favorite summer fruit, effective last August 2009 lol..

30 kawaii thoughts:

Lulu said... [Reply to comment]

don't like peaches myself but Andrea loves it... she can eat two of those!

James said... [Reply to comment]

She is so cute and the peaches look so good!

jodi said... [Reply to comment]

ingat lang ha baka mahirapan sya sa pagkain kasi ang tigas pa naman ata at di pa masyado ang ipin nya.. anyway mabuti naman yan kasi may fiber sya di ba?

chubskulit said... [Reply to comment]

baka naglilihi ka na ulit Bams hahaha... We love peaches too lalo na yung dalawa kong makulit..

It's good that you are making Anzu eat lots of fruits.. Kisses to both of you!

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VioletSky said... [Reply to comment]

Peaches are so wonderful this time of year. I like your composition in these shots.

Nukke said... [Reply to comment]

3. pic is the best ! Very nice ankle in that photo :)

mica said... [Reply to comment]

wow ang laki laki na ni anzu i so missed her being so tiny anytime soon u can pony tail her hair..

yea lapit na at tatanda nanaman ako,,dont worry pag nag japan ako dadaanan kita pramis. lab u

life's journey said... [Reply to comment]

Oh peaches my son and hubby like that..Happy MYM! Mine is ready too.

sweet_shelo said... [Reply to comment]

hmm sweet peaches.. azumi is growing prettier sis..

scart said... [Reply to comment]

i dont like peaches. iba lasa para sa akin ha. pero si freya naman kinakain as long masarap at nakakain hehehe.

Happy MYM Bams!

Coffeedoff said... [Reply to comment]

I like peaches! Lovely photo.

kikamz said... [Reply to comment]

wow! glad azumi loves to fruits. sam likes fruits too! bananas and apples and watermelons and mangoes are her kind of fruits. haven't tried giving her peaches though. masubukan nga!

Anne said... [Reply to comment]

I love peaches....my sibs don't. This is good for the health.
My MYM entry.

Enchie said... [Reply to comment]

Love it too! Like the texture and flavor :D

~Just me again~ said... [Reply to comment]

Mmmm I love peaches. Nice shots!

Linnea W said... [Reply to comment]

There's nothing tastier than a sweet juicy peach. Nice shots!

Marice said... [Reply to comment]

those looks yummy!

mine is up too

Clarissa said... [Reply to comment]

Oh peaches!!My kids loves them,too!!Glad to hear that Azumi chan loves peaches,too.Maraming fruits,mas mabuti sa katawan^_^
Nice shots,Bambie!!

Mer said... [Reply to comment]

cute dishes! :)

pehpot said... [Reply to comment]

not fond pf peaches but is it bad if you will eat too much?

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Dhemz said... [Reply to comment]

yummy...we have peach tree in the backyard....minsan we can't keep up eating them...super dami kasi....I made peach cobbler one time...:)

anyhow, looks like Anzu is lovi'n it.....Akesha love peaches too....:)

look at those cute tiny fingers....:)

Jes said... [Reply to comment]

antakaw naman ni baby!!! lalo kayung gaganda mag ina nyan kakakain ng fruits! =)

chubskulit said... [Reply to comment]

paddan lang from adgitize hehehe, miss ko smiles ni anzu eh..

christina said... [Reply to comment]

that's so sweet...

by the way i had you in my blog roll..


Mel Avila Alarilla said... [Reply to comment]

Masarap talaga ang peaches, pwede nang ikumpara sa mangga. Malambot ang texture at swabe ang lasa. I love peaches myself. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

sweet_shelo said... [Reply to comment]

sis got tag for you:


Mommy Tez said... [Reply to comment]

Hi Bams! thanks for the comment of Lil Dollies Princess"
yes,she's my Lil Princess...Ang Princesa ng Buhay ko ha ha, oo ang bilis nyang lumaki I am Proud of her but nakalungkot din, kase maraming na missed na milestones Daddy nya kase ang bilis nyang lumaki,sayang wala sha dito nung gawin ni baby ung First steps nya...Buti pa c Dollie Princess Anzu kasama nya daddy nya nung mag First steps sha.

nikogirl said... [Reply to comment]

laki na ni azumi!! :) takaw nia sa fruits ha.. naku my little girl is like her.. saka na diet LOL

anyways dear yes ikaw un :) grab the awards.. thanks for the support ha..

see u tom at girls talk! :)

Fabulous Mommy said... [Reply to comment]

Your pictures of your child eating peaches are fantastic...We (my kids) love peaches also!

KeiAnN said... [Reply to comment]

mahilig din ako sa peaches kaya lang never pa ako nakakain ng fruits puro juice lang.
kakatuwa naman kayo ni azumi.
wag kayong magagawan ha.

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