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I just want to share my baby's clip while she brushes her two pearly white teeth. Although she's not yet that good on brushing... but atleast she's loving it and with continous practice (with my supervision of course), she would probably master it before she completes her teeth . I as being "sigurista", I have been using a cloth (gauze) over her gums to get them used to being cleaned even before her teeth erupted. I still do it everyday, once a day, even if she's already tries to brush her own teeth with her cute tooth brush, still not enough for me. Not until she can use toothpaste.
I love it when she willingly does with enthusiasms whatever I teach her. She seems to know that her Fab momma (wanna be lol ) knows what's best for her. As all mommas do ...

Those teeth will surely put to good use. Mothers always know best

Here are some FAQs I gathered about Caring Your Baby's Teeth:
attn first time & would be moms =)



When should I start brushing my baby’s teeth?
Pediatricians and dentists recommend starting as soon as the first tooth comes in. That's because sugars in food, milk and formula can form a plaque-like film. Removal of this film is important to promote good oral hygiene at an early age.

What should I use to brush my baby's teeth?
When your baby is under a year old, she (or he) needs to become accustomed to having her teeth and gums cleaned. A soft finger toothbrush will work well.

How do I brush my baby's teeth?
The first few times, begin by cleaning only the front teeth. Soon after, you can gradually move to the back gums. Sitting your baby on your lap works well. Do this twice a day and make it part of your routine - either after baby's bath or when you are brushing your own teeth.
By the time your child is 12 - 18 months, he (or she) will love to have his own toothbrush and mimic you while you brush your teeth together. Let your baby experiment with it.
When it's your turn, hold your toothbrush at a 45 degree angle along the gum line. Then gently move the brush back and forth, using short strokes. Brush the outer surfaces, the inside and the chewing surfaces. For the inside of the front teeth, hold the brush vertically and use up and down strokes.
You'll need to do most of the brushing since it takes a number of years before a child has the coordination to do it alone.

Can I put my baby to bed with a bottle?
You should never put your baby to bed with a bottle (unless it's water) since the sugar in formula or juice will pool around the teeth. A severe condition known as bottle tooth decay may occur.
It's also best not to let your toddler walk around with a bottle during the day. What's important is to minimize the amount of time the bottle is in the mouth.

Why should I use a non-fluoride cleanser for my baby?
While fluoride can help prevent cavities, its use must be carefully controlled in young children. Children are exposed to a wide variety of sources, including drinking water, fluoride toothpaste, fluoride supplements, formula, juice and other kinds of food. Ingesting too much fluoride could result in fluorosis, white spots that develop on the permanent teeth. Fluoride toothpaste may not be appropriate for children under two (ask your doctor or dentist) because babies under two may swallow the toothpaste and ingest too much fluoride.

When should I start taking my child to the dentist?
Your pediatrician is trained to check a baby's teeth and provide instruction on cavity prevention.
Visits to the dentist are also an important part of good oral care. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association recommend a first check-up before your child turns one. The purpose of this visit is for a preventive exam only.

Hope these infos help a little for first time moms like me..

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  1. minsan ganyan din ang site ko, medyo wala yung comment nila..well, una salamat sa dalaw mo and much appreciated sis..feel free to come fairness ang haba ng tips mo dito at as usual, kayganda ng kiddo mo..magparami ka ng lahi sis kasi sayang kung di ikakalat ang kagandahan mo

  2. Hahaha bongacious talaga ng anzu princess natin hehehe, kahit nasa banyo, in style pa din ang fashion... Pakagat lol, kakagigil!

  3. @ jodi @ chubs
    thanks mga ate =) naku hindi naman.. baka maganda lang camera ko lol

  4. AGREE talaga ako na very fashionable si anzu mami bams... naku naman to the highest level na talaga ang fashion style ng mga baby

  5. hahahaa!!Sulit na naman ang umaga ko sa lil Anzu mo,Bambie!!\(^0^)/Your cutie baby never failed to greet me a morning smile!!Palagi akong napapa-smile sa kanya!!^_^

  6. Your baby is so cute and adorable. She's beautiful enough to become a commercial model for toothpaste and baby's wear. Ako ang manager ha, hehehe, lol. Thanks for the adorable post. God bless you always.

  7. @ kuya mel
    thanks ha.. lol comedian ka din po pala.

    @ ate clarissa
    sana wag ka magsawa kay anzu hehe.. thanks

    Thanks sa inyo.. nakaka-inspire naman kayo. God bless you all

  8. hindi ko talaga mapigilan ang sarili ko na hindi bumisita sa blog ni azumi,halos everyday yata hindi nakukumpleto ang pag harap ko sa pc ng hindi ko nakiclick ang site niyo ni mommy bamz.

    Super cute talag ni azumi mommy bamz halos everyday yata laging may bagong natututunan siya.

  9. mmmmmmm!!!! sarap kurotin!!!!! tama po ba? i wanna say pinch in tagalog kasi hehehehe!

  10. so helpful ang post na ito Mommy Bamz...nakabili tuloy ako ng toothbrush for Hyzyd...LOL! I used kasi the finger brush tapos kinakagat-kagat nya ako everytime I brush him but he do it to tease me. When I saw this post and amazed of how well Anzu managed to brush her teeth, I'm encouraged to try for Hyzyd hoping na hindi sa sahig pupulutin ang toothbrush and thanks God carry na carry nya..I couldn't find out sana na ready na baby ko magbrush if not for your updates on baby Anzu..Thanks talaga..

    About sa potty training ni Hyzyd..amazed nalang ako na kaya na nya and he seemed to enjoy it everytime ipaupo ko na sya to poo right after he wakes up...

    God bless you and our babies...Thanks for sharing...


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