Cute Surgical Mask for Kids

It's not unusual to see people wearing surgical mask in Japan especially when Spring time starts as Japan gets a whammy of cedar pollen which leads to runny noses, watery eyes and coughing. People with Pollen Allergy wears mask primarily to protect against the pollen.

Out of respect when one is sick, surgical masks are also worn to prevent the spread of germs when coughing and breathing. That is one of the nice things about Japanese, they care for others, such good citizens.

This year is a sort of a bit unlucky for me. As much as I love Spring, I feel bad because Im already one of those who wears mask everytime I go out. There's something in the air that makes me uncomfortable because of pollen allergy . Those whammy and evil POLLENS! I guess I have to wear masks til Spring is over uhhhggg

Anyway, surgical masks are available for kids too. There are various  cute designs to choose. I bought Hello Kitty Mask for our kawaii Patootee tehee..

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="360" caption="Hello Kitty Surgical Mask ( ¥400 ~ at Sanrio )"]Hello Kitty Surgical Mask for Azumi[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="298" caption="Azumi wearing Hello Kitty Surgical Mask"]Azumi wearing Hello Kitty Surgical Mask[/caption]

Don't worry. Azumi doesn't have Pollen Allergies. But I'd like her to get used to wearing it just in case.. She still gets uncomfortable after few minutes

Nonetheless, isn't it kawaii?
Wish I can also wear mask without having a weird reaction from anyone in Manila lol

Love lots,
Anzu's Mum ♥ ~ ♥

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  1. It is cute. Dapat i-implement din dito sa Pinas yan, not because of pollen but because of the pollution. Lalo na in Metro Manila and in public transportation.

  2. Very funny and wonderful colors. Have a good week

  3. I love the mask. They look cute. Your little princess is getting so big.Be careful and safe.

  4. I suppose for sanitary conditions there in Japan? How are things doing at your family Mam Bambie? My Mellow Yellow Monday post

  5. Love the bag! Cute cute naman hehehe.

  6. Anzu's Mum3/22/2011 07:31:00 AM

    Oo nga.. naisip ko na rin magmask sa atin kaya lang pagtitinginan ka sigurado lol

  7. You can use surgical mask if you are highly allergic to pollens. Anzu can also wear the kiddie type cute surgical mask. No one will bother you in Japan since everybody seems to be wearing one because of fear of nuclear fallout from Fukushima. But in the Philippines, you will attract stares and giggles if you wear one. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  8. That's so cute. So allergic ka sa pollen? Ako naman hindi, kaso sa grass, weeds, cats, molds at dairy products ako allergic. marami rin may mga allergic sa pollen dito, aksi pagdating ng spring season eh naglalabasan na ang mga bulaklak. Wawa ka naman, allergic ka sa pollen. inom ka na lang ng anti histamine..

  9. HI Bam, the fancy look really is nice.. but I hope you are all well, with the kind of people japanese are, it's never impossible to rise from this misfortunes.. dropping by..

  10. hi lil anzu! so cute naman ng mask mo...penge kame :D hihihihihi

    have a nice day!

  11. I want one of those masks!

  12. So kawaii talga ng bebe! bambs, nalink ko na din ito sa main blog ko saka kay dawty...

    P.S. I just caught the Jap-hype :) hilig kami hubby sa anything jap - anime, manga, food, cosplay etc! kaya nalungkot talaga kami sa tsunami... :( be safe lagi ah...pakiss sa cutie bebe!

  13. iba na ang may dear ang request mo sa akin noong december 12, 2009 ay pinagbigyan ko ako isang kanta ayon sa request mo..


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