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I almost forgot that I still haven't updated Azumi's videos in youtube. There are lots of clips to upload.  Well my sister keeps on reminding me to upload because my family in Philippines misses Anzu so much.

Photo and video sharing is one of the things that keep us closer (thanks technology).

Today, I have uploaded 2 videos which made  me realized how time has always practically fly by us without noticing it for awhile.

Anzu was still 25 months old when I took these clips. We were still baby-baby talking.

This was one of the days when I try to put her on to nap. She's always energetic and talkative especially when she's about to sleep.

Obviously, she loves Dora. Don't be surprise if she speaks to you in spanish like "buenas dias", "buenas suerte", "abre", "ariba"... She's even better in counting than me lol (will upload it soon).

Here's another one...

Did she actually was talking about zebra? I'm not really sure lol.

There you go.. I love Youtube (you can subscribe to our channel here)

Who would've have thought that internet could be an integral part of everyone's life? It changed our lifetstyles for better. There are a number of means in the internet (like messengers, facebook, youtube, blogging) to be connected with our families, friends, and strangers worldwide.

Now I wonder what's in store for us in the next 10-20 years.

Much love,
Anzu's Mum

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  1. What a cutie and adorable baby! Kids are very lucky nowadays. With the advent of technology, their holistic growth and development is being documented via photos and videos. Wala eto sa panahon ko. I feel so ancient, LOL!

    Thanks for sharing. Visiting here via Nostalgia. Will publish mine later.

    See yah!

  2. In fact Bams..lots made it to international scene because of youtube.... pero ang cute ng baby mu.. it's been a while actually that I have not been here.. howdy?

  3. Hahaha. So nice to watch. Anzu is already learning a lot even from Dora. Congrats dear. Muah muah!

  4. Girl maybe a talking computer and that we just command for it to write LOL. By the way here's mine thanks! My Little Home

  5. Yes, these videos are so wonderful because we can see the developments of Anzu. She is so energetic and very talkative, hehehe. I almost wanted to pinch her cute cheeks, hehehe. Yes, the onset of modern technology, like the internet and its various interactive sites, have bridged the gap among people and nations. I love the voice of both mother and child as you lovingly interacted with each other. I'm sure your relatives in the Phils will be so thrilled to see and hear Anzu in her various antics. Thanks for the lovable post. God bless you all always.

  6. Anzu's Mum3/04/2011 10:28:00 PM

    Thanks Sir Mel.. lagi lang kami ganyan ni Anzu tuwing papatulugin ko ng hapon. Iba na talaga ang technology ngayon, not as same as 10 years ago. Thanks Sir

  7. Anzu's Mum3/04/2011 10:29:00 PM

    pwede.. super bongga naman nun, siguro by that time, lalo tayo tataba kasi lahat automatic na.. tarush no

  8. Anzu's Mum3/04/2011 10:32:00 PM

    Yeah, even from Little Einstein and barbie lol.. pero need ko na i-lessen panonood nya ng dvd.

  9. Anzu's Mum3/04/2011 10:32:00 PM

    Thanks mommy Vernz.. iba na talaga ang level ng youtube ngayon, to think na 5 years old pa lang sya

  10. weeehh!!na-excite ako habang nanonood kay Azumi chan!Ang galing-galing nya,bibong bata!meron ka ng future singer,Bambie^_^

  11. Hello Bams. Thanks for leaving a comment at my Nostalgia entry last week. Mine is up for this week.

    Tungkol don sa tanong mo, I am INC ;-)

    BTW, mukhang bago tingnan yong mga photos kasi maayos yong pagkakatago sa baul ko, haha. Buti nalang :-)

    Hope you had a great day with the family!

    See yah!

  12. She growing up so fast, pretty and talented.

    My late Nostalgia, come take a peek.

  13. Anzu's Mum3/05/2011 11:48:00 PM

    Thanks Mr. K :) haha

  14. Hi Bams, not sure why my comment is not showing up huhuhu

  15. Anzu's Mum3/06/2011 11:50:00 PM

    eto showing na :) thanks for visiting


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