Let it snow

I think spring is almost here in Tokyo that I don't need to wear a down jacket during the day, although it’s still cold and windy during at night. This past few days, I'm having this "sneezing phenomenon" which really makes me uncomfortable especially when I'm at work. Guess what's the culprit? THE CEDARS! In this season, pollen flies all at once and causes alot of people to have Hay fever.

Anyway, before I blog more about the loveliness and not-so-good about Spring time ( which is actually my favorite of all seasons ) in my next posts, let me share you some of Anzu's snowy photos taken last month.

First Snow of The year 2011 in tokyo

Snow in Tokyo is a rare occurrence, maybe once a year and mostly only for a moment. That's why we had a pleasant surprise when it started snowing~ on Valentine's day itself, very romantic though but not when you're driving on your way home. We were on our way to Red Lobster when the snow started to fall and it blanketed the highway in just few minutes.

Hope you are all super well!

Much love,
Anzu's Mum


  1. Oiiiiiiii... so cute playing in the snow. Wish I can brave that freezing temperature too. Yeah, just experience snow!

  2. Such cute photos! :)

    And I can see why snowing can be both romantic and troublesome. Romantic because you can get to bundle up with loved ones. Troublesome because it can drastically change plans and, if you're not careful enough, can turn disastrous for some!

    Do take care, though. Godspeed!

  3. Hi anzu, Mukhang enjoy na enjoy ka sa paglalaro sa snow:-) wag magbababad ha? bka ka sipunin ka. super cute naman ng winter clothes mo:-) hihi

  4. wow, snow!lovely!no luck for us here in the ph anytime soon though!

  5. Ang laki na talaga ni Anzu. She's already a full grown child and no longer a baby. And she's attending school. Great that you posted developments about Anzu. Hope spring will set in soon and the winter will finally end. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. Your baby looks like a Japanese doll...she is so pretty & cute.

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