Azumi Patootee in white outfits ..

Azumi with her friend Nao Chan ...

Azumi with her friend Nao Chan

At the mall

At The Mall

I realized that Anzu looks good in white.. so next time, I'll gonna shop for more white clothes. Simple and neat


It's not unusual to see people wearing surgical mask in Japan especially when Spring time starts as Japan gets a whammy of cedar pollen which leads to runny noses, watery eyes and coughing. People with Pollen Allergy wears mask primarily to protect against the pollen.

Out of respect when one is sick, surgical masks are also worn to prevent the spread of germs when coughing and breathing. That is one of the nice things about Japanese, they care for others, such good citizens.

This year is a sort of a bit unlucky for me. As much as I love Spring, I feel bad because Im already one of those who wears mask everytime I go out. There's something in the air that makes me uncomfortable because of pollen allergy . Those whammy and evil POLLENS! I guess I have to wear masks til Spring is over uhhhggg

Anyway, surgical masks are available for kids too. There are various  cute designs to choose. I bought Hello Kitty Mask for our kawaii Patootee tehee..

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="360" caption="Hello Kitty Surgical Mask ( ¥400 ~ at Sanrio )"]Hello Kitty Surgical Mask for Azumi[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="298" caption="Azumi wearing Hello Kitty Surgical Mask"]Azumi wearing Hello Kitty Surgical Mask[/caption]

Don't worry. Azumi doesn't have Pollen Allergies. But I'd like her to get used to wearing it just in case.. She still gets uncomfortable after few minutes

Nonetheless, isn't it kawaii?
Wish I can also wear mask without having a weird reaction from anyone in Manila lol

Love lots,
Anzu's Mum ♥ ~ ♥


I've been wanting to blog after the devastating tragedy that hit us last March 11, 2011. There are so many things I want to tell but I don't know how to begin as I don't even know what to say. It's been a week. No words could even describe how terrible I feel about what’s going on in Japan. It’s unbelievably huge loss and a big devastation. This earthquake was the biggest ever recorded in Japan and the casualties potentially increases each day.

However, I'd like to thank everyone for expressing their concern for our safety over the past few days. Thank you for the outpouring messages in my blogs, email, twitter and facebook that I hope I have replied them all to let you know that we are SAFE. My family in the Philippines were all also worried and been asking us to go home. BUT I have to tell them we can't decide at the moment. We might leave if the situations becomes too risky to stay but not on this time.

Fortunately, we live far from the tsunami area and didn't experience any damage caused by the Magnitude 9 earthquake. Anzu and I were in the 5th floor of the mall when this thing happened. The quake started small and when the shaking didn't stop, I immediately took Anzu from the stroller and got ourselves under the table. Good thing the table was just infront of us. I called my husband right away and told him where exactly we are. The shaking lasted for 3-4 minutes. I immediately posted a status in my FB wall while we were still under the table waiting for anyone's instructions (thank u iphone). It was indeed an unforgettable and scariest experience. Thank God buildings here are designed to withstand the earthquake. Para nga kami dinuduyan nun lumilindol, very smooth ang dating. People never panicked. We were instructed to use the stairs. People were helping each other without thinking only of themselves. Some offered to carry my things and stroller while I carry Anzu going dowstairs. It's really amazing to see how these people handle such situation like this. I admire the calmness, concern and the cooperativeness. SALUDO AKO!


... because it's Anzu and Mommy's leisure day :)

Tuesday has become our Momma-Anzu bonding day because we get to spend the whole day together having fun, without her Papa.

I take her school and we go somewhere after class. We usually have our lunch in a restaurant, or sometimes we bond with our Kidspal friends, then go window shopping, and take her to game centers/play paradise.

Anyway this was taken 3 weeks ago at the mall's game center.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="346" caption="2.22.2011 Tuesday"]Purikura[/caption]

It's been quite awhile since we had our last Purikura shot together.

I'm looking forward to for our next activities on Tuesday :) Now I gotta think where to go this time...

Much love,
Anzu’s Mum


It's a wonderful and blissful 29 months (and counting) of being a mom to an adorable and energetic little girl, Azumi...

Happy 29 Months Old Azumi

Such a funny and sweet girl who continues to teach me new things each day. I love that we are learning from each other, and I definitely love to watch her grow.

Thank you for watching her grow with me :)

Much love,


I took this shot during the last day of Anzu's pre-course in her pre-school class, Miki House Kid's Pal in which we attend every week since March 2010.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="307" caption="Lil Azumi with her teachers and some classmates"][/caption]

Tomorrow will be Anzu's first day in Rich Course which will be attended by 8 students (5 old classmates and 2 newcomers). I'm quite excited because this time, Moms won't be allowed to be inside the classroom. This could be a good start before Anzu goes to a real kindergarten school on April or May :)

Have a nice and productive week.

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Much love,
Anzu's MUM


March 3, 2010 -- the time of the year when families celebrate their daughters' day.  Also known as Hina Matsuri or Doll Festival. A Japanese holiday when we wish for the healthy growth and happiness of our daughters.

It is actually our 3rd year of celebrating this special day. You can read back my previous posts about this event HERE .

I was told that it is good to start displaying Anzu's Hinasama dolls on Feb 19 and must be kept after the 3rd day of March (oh i haven't kept it in its box yet, it's already 6 wahhh~~~)

Anyway, here is Anzu looking at this cute Ohinasama Dolls being displayed at the mall.

Ohinasama Dolls

Kawaii! I love this set, so tiny and modern. But ANzu already have her own dolls which is more traditional. It was a gift from her Baba and Jiji (grandparents).


People who knows me know that I give much effort when it comes to our little Patootee's food. You may check some of her food in my photoblog -- Kawaii Princess.

Although my foods are simple, I make sure that I'm serving healthy and balanced foods to Anzu.

Here's my favorite for this week...

Star Bright Breakfast

Pan bread
Diced Iwashi Sausage (rich in DHA and calcium)

Preparing healthy, nice and cute food is a nice way to show love to your children.

Happy weekend :)

Much love,
Anzu's Mum

♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥


I almost forgot that I still haven't updated Azumi's videos in youtube. There are lots of clips to upload.  Well my sister keeps on reminding me to upload because my family in Philippines misses Anzu so much.

Photo and video sharing is one of the things that keep us closer (thanks technology).

Today, I have uploaded 2 videos which made  me realized how time has always practically fly by us without noticing it for awhile.

Anzu was still 25 months old when I took these clips. We were still baby-baby talking.

This was one of the days when I try to put her on to nap. She's always energetic and talkative especially when she's about to sleep.

Obviously, she loves Dora. Don't be surprise if she speaks to you in spanish like "buenas dias", "buenas suerte", "abre", "ariba"... She's even better in counting than me lol (will upload it soon).


I think spring is almost here in Tokyo that I don't need to wear a down jacket during the day, although it’s still cold and windy during at night. This past few days, I'm having this "sneezing phenomenon" which really makes me uncomfortable especially when I'm at work. Guess what's the culprit? THE CEDARS! In this season, pollen flies all at once and causes alot of people to have Hay fever.

Anyway, before I blog more about the loveliness and not-so-good about Spring time ( which is actually my favorite of all seasons ) in my next posts, let me share you some of Anzu's snowy photos taken last month.

First Snow of The year 2011 in tokyo

Snow in Tokyo is a rare occurrence, maybe once a year and mostly only for a moment. That's why we had a pleasant surprise when it started snowing~ on Valentine's day itself, very romantic though but not when you're driving on your way home. We were on our way to Red Lobster when the snow started to fall and it blanketed the highway in just few minutes.

Hope you are all super well!

Much love,
Anzu's Mum